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image credit: Ro Souza
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Hello Ro!
When did your creative journey start?
It started after a career crisis (I’ve studied Politics and Law at university and finished both careers). I didn’t “see myself” working as a Diplomat or anything like that …
One of my best friends was quite crafty and encouraged me to make some stuff and soon after that Rosa Chicle was born (by the way it’s a fantasy name, it’s the name of a colour in Spanish: a very bright pink)

image credit: Ro Souza
Can you pick three words that describe how you feel when you are being creative?
curiosity: anything related with crafts interest me…. whether to make it and learn the process or techniques or just to get to know the process and stories behind.
Introvert: I need my solitude (although as a mom of 3 it’s difficult to find that) and some kind of “calm ambiance”.
Stubborn: if I can’t get the results I want, no matter how difficult it is, I’ll keep trying until I get it.
As a creative where do you find your inspirations?
Anything retro inspire me. Old magazines, books or films, old pictures, things I remember from my aunt’s house… I adore retro “with a twist”.
Wes Anderson films and aesthetics.
Children books are also so inspiring!
And nature of course, best ideas come when I’m outdoors, lost in my thoughts and solitude.

image credit: Ro Souza
What’s the most valuable tip you would give to an aspiring maker starting their own creative business?
Not comparing yourself to others! Always be open to continue learning (new things or techniques) and improving your crafts or whatever that you make.
Also, be open and be prepared to criticisms.
If you were not an artist, what would you love to be instead?
Illustrator or a painter… I admire so many of them. My mom had many art books which I used to look and sometimes read when I was little and then I took some art courses at university and discovered some of my favourite painters and artworks… It’s fascinating not only the art pieces themselves but the artist’s lives as well.

image credit: Ro Souza
Could you share three or more IG accounts that inspire you?
Rosa Chicle Ramos slow made products

image credit: Ro Souza