This week we are talking with Emily from Makelight.
Too be honest I wasn’t sure if Emily would even read my message, let alone reply and agreeing to take the interview! But she looks and sounds so friendly that I had to try! It paid off!
(still jumping with joy!)
As a small business, I love all her challenges, free courses, videos and inspiring material on her website, a great way to keep up with all of them is by subscribing to her newsletter. Then, if you go on her instagram accounts,here, and you love anything pretty and flowers, you could just spend hours going through her feed!

image credit: Emily Quinton
Hello Emily!
When did your creative journey start? When I was 7 years old and my Dad let me take a photograph with his SLR camera. I felt excited and creative for the first time I can remember. At school though I was told I was rubbish at art and wasn’t creative, so all my creativity happened at home and I don’t think it was until I was in my 20s that I really believed I was a creative person. Can you pick three words that describe how you feel when you are being creative? Calm. Connected. Energised.

image credit: Emily Quinton
As a creative where do you find your inspirations?

I get a huge amount of my inspiration from my children, from London (where I live), from Instagram, magazines, nature, travel and whenever I go for a walk, run or swim. What’s the most valuable tip you would give to an aspiring maker starting their own creative business?
“Just start”. It can be so easy to come up with all sorts of excuses about why now is not the right time, or why you are not ready or all sorts of other things. Start taking small steps today. If you were not a photographer, what would you love to be instead?
A ceramicist. I got into ceramics in my early 20s and nearly went off a whole difference creative adventure!

image credit: Emily Quinton
Could you share three IG accounts that inspire you?

image credit: Emily Quinton
I hope you enjoyed reading Emily’s story and maybe it will inspire you to start your own creative journey. Don’t forget to use #startacreativejourney.


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