I’ve always believed in making the everyday beautiful and since having children I believe in it even more. Whilst I can’t create as much as I used too, I’ve adapted to make the jobs I have to do to make them as nice as I can. A few weeks ago on a rare sunny day, I was having family over for a simple lunch. Instead of using my rather chipped and worn out everyday plates and glasses, I rummaged through my cupboards and pulled out some of my favourite bits I’ve collected over the years. I’ve picked most plates, tablecloths and vintage cutlery up in charity and secondhand shops for a few pounds and I love how happy everything looks layered together. 
I deliberately kept the tablecloth crinkled (who really has time to iron a tablecloth?!), flowers a little wild and piled plates high in the centre. When we sat down to eat, serving dishes and people filled in the gaps. As this time of year can be so bleak, its good for the soul to dust off what makes you happy and eat a little cake! 
Not everything is old, these pink tumblers from Ikea are gorgeous and provide a good balance to the older pieces. For me, style is all about collecting what you love – old and new usually finds its own way of working together when buying what you love rather than what you ‘should’ have. Have a super weekend and lets keep our fingers crossed for some more sun!


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