Designed for a couple with two young children, the architects at HAO Design wanted to build a space that could meet the current and future needs of an active family lifestyle. This home in Kaohsiung maintains a stylish yet unpretentious aesthetic, with a heavy emphasis on useful features that can adapt and evolve as time goes on. The layout strikes a smart balance between parenthood and romance, offering the best of open living while providing several quiet spaces enjoyable by adults and children alike. Creative storage solutions and multi-functional furniture make the most of every square foot to leave more room for fun and interaction. Plus, the interior architecture is out of this world!

Architect: HAO Design  
Photographer: Hey!Cheese  

The couple is passionate about cooking – while planning the home design, one of the most important requests by the clients was an open kitchen for a full view of the living and play areas.

In the living room, soft low furniture is exceptionally child-friendly. These casual choices allow for comfortable cuddles without making the little ones climb too far.

Interactive design, like the chalkboard wall just behind the sofa, ensures plenty of stimulating opportunities for self-expression and collaboration.

The seating area in front of the big picture window makes it easy for the parents and children to watch the active urban scenes below.

No matter the weather, the family can have intimate visual communication with the world outside. In fact, it’s the first thing the family sees as they walk in the door.

Because the living room doubles as a play area, parents can keep an eye on the children while they’re working or entertaining in the kitchen.

Later, as the children enter school, the parents can supervise homework and creative activities taking place at the desk to the right.

Although the living and kitchen areas feel unified, they remain visually defined thanks to the winding transition from concrete to bright white surfaces.

Did you notice the green panel peeking out from the entryway? It’s a LEGO mural! This would be a fantastic DIY project for families with children of any age.

Line of sight continues through the glass divider and the cutout shelving so parents can keep an eye on the kids while they’re building LEGO artwork.

Despite its fun theme, the entryway remains exceptionally functional for adults thanks to the wraparound bench.

Back in the kitchen, calming blue and green accents set the tone for cheerful family dining experiences.

Black tile, perforated paneling, and concrete walls give just a hint of industrial influence to suit the aesthetic preferences of the parents.

A mix of molded and wooden chairs gives off an artsy vibe, amplified by the beveled table they surround. Above, handsome UNFOLD pendants demonstrate a similar playful variation.

Verdant plant arrangements freshen the air and provide educational opportunities for the little ones.

Small hiding places give children a chance to express their creativity and engage in play either with the family or independently.

In the bedroom designed for the daughters, smart storage and playful shapes spark the imagination – cabinet cutouts and painted details almost make it feel like a castle!

Calm shades of green, yellow, and blue help soften the effect of the stylish concrete wall.

Cubbies to the left and swinging wardrobe doors to the right offer storage solutions that will grow with the children.

The adorable screw-top stool is from the Tom & Jerry line by Konstantin Grcic.

The parents get to enjoy a creative bedroom design too! Upholstered headboard panels zig and zag almost like a pastel mountain range or a creative city skyline.

A stunning break from the light and airy aesthetic of the rest of the home – this dressing room and master bath embody a dark and classic style.

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