Hej heeej! How are you today? Did you have a nice weekend? I’m feeling super relaxed after a visit to Ystad Saltsjöbad spa (with an overnight stay at Villa Strandvägen). If you’re coming this way I can totally recommend it (dip in the sea optional – BRRRRR!) – the Swedish South coast is beautiful! But today we’re heading to the West coast. Gothenburg to be precise – and this beautiful apartment. I think what really drew me to this space in the heart of the city was the blue-green sofa among a sea of grey. I love that it breaks off from the rest of the apartment, adding an element of surprise. The entire space also has a super calm feel – what a great way to kick off the week!

This apartment is for sale through Bosthlm. See more info here.

Blue-green, grey, white and black – what a beautiful colour combination, don’t you think?

The MOBIL light in the sitting room is one of my favourites right now – it’s by Gothenburg based designer Monika Mulder and you can find it here. I’m trying to figure out if I have the ceiling height for it in the sitting room (it could look so nice over our coffee table). What do you reckon?

N.B. low ceiling heights don’t usually stop me – just look at my bedroom!! 

Elsewhere in the apartment: the rattan poufs are from IKEA. Pick up fab fashion prints here (15% discount with myscandinavianhome15 right now – love that!). Gloria candleholder by Klong.

Right-ho. Just pulling into the IKEA headquarters in Älmhult – must say it’s feeling €%&/” freezing for what’s meant to be the first official day of spring! When will I ever stop dressing like a Brit and more, er, weather-appropriate like the Swedes?!

Have a wonderful start to the week.

 PS Looking for lovely bedding? I’ve fallen in love with the stonewashed natural linen from Piglet in Bed after my Saturday morning lie-in. Heaven!