With Summer almost on its end here in Europe and the world opening up again. I am already making plans for my next Sunny destination. To be honest I really function at my best when I can be in the sun. Scrolling through different destinations, I came across The Addresses.  A unique collection of boutique guesthouses.

With attention to the rich Portugese heritage and the modern traveller’s lifestyle. The converted guesthouses offer a unique experience. The roof by the way looks exactly like the roof in my mother in law Sardinian home, but here it is white.  I just love it and can imagine us painting the old home’s roof white too if we would still use the home. I have seen s many beautiful updated homes last time we visited before the pandemic.

guesthouse Casa Um at the Algarve

Casa Um

A modernist take on Portuguese traditions, Casa Um reimagines the style and details of typical architecture from the Algarve. The result is a soft minimalistic space that’s private, contemporary and homely. 

At this modern outpost, set on a former shepherds farm, you’ll find yourself completely encompassed by mature orange trees. Beautifully landscaped grounds and panoramic sea views from the stylish and tranquil outdoor pool.   


guesthouse Casa Um at the Algarve

An Architectural hideaway

Set on two different levels, with the communal areas on the upper level. The newly built bedrooms extending can be find on the lower level. The original farmhouse is transformed into a modern kitchen and living room. Completely updated with large windows overlooking the inner patio and garden. 

The intimate patio, originally the barn, is set around the old bread oven and would be the perfect place to enjoy your first coffee, don’t you think!  The former stables located at the far end of the house now houses the dining room. More of the outdoors  of this guesthouse at The Addresses, Casa UM

guesthouse Casa Um at the Algarve

guesthouse Casa Um at the Algarve

guesthouse Casa Um at the Algarve
Text and images courtesy The Adresses

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