I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Norway twice in the last six months. Both times I’ve been truly amazed; not only is it the most beautiful country on earth, the people are so warm too! I’ve been welcomed into many homes – and felt truly inspired by what was within (you can see the results in my book The Scandinavian Home: Interiors inspired by light out soon – exciting!). Although I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting Norwegian architect and blogger Katerina Dima in person, we’ve been in regular contact over mail (us bloggers do like to keep in touch!). Originally from sunny Athens, Greece, Katerina lives in Sogndal with her husband and cat. Despite her background, she has always been drawn to the Scandinavian aesthetic and chosen to decorate her home in a ‘cool tone palette’ using soft greys and fresh white, adding a touch of yellow to the paint to add warmth. Sheer fabrics and natural textures such as wood, cotton, linen and wool add a wonderful softness to the space. Let’s take a peek inside!

Photography: Katerina Dima / Only Deco Love.

I absolutely love the canopy over the bed – it’s dream like!

Is there anything you love in particular about Katerina’s home?

Get the look: bedroom – Skagerak mirror and Georg stool, relaxed light linen bedding and valence, (absolutely love this!),  Flowerpot lamp, Petits Papiers Mad et Len scented candle,
The Kinfolk Table. sitting room le lampe gras wall light (also seen in Katerina’s office), grey ruffled pillow (so lovely!), belly basket, Landmarks print.

You can keep up with Katerina’s latest projects,  houses renovations, interior design ideas and whatever captures her eye in the interior world over at her lovely blog Only Deco Love and Instagram.

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Have a lovely day!

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