1 DIY Gold Foil Vase

The Redbud tree in my backyard is at full bloom capacity.  Every time I look at the window or I walk out to my car, it takes my breath away.  The tree is probably about 25′ tall and equally as wide.  It elegantly arches over a large corner of our yard and often looks like it’s raining flower petals when the wind gently blows.  I am so excited to share this neat DIY Gold Foiled Vase with you because it is a simple but elegant solution for housing a little bit bulkier florals.

How to create a minimalist DIY Gold Foil Vase, Delineate Your Dwelling
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supply list
Straight Glass Vase / Martha Paint Brushes / Martha Acrylic Paints / Gold Foil / Martha Painter’s Tape

Gold Leaf, 18 Sheet Pack  Metal Leaf Adhesive (not shown below)

Gold Foil Vase supplies

There is something about adding gold foil to an object that is simply magical.  It’s a fairly easy process, although it takes a little time.

Start by cleaning the inside and outside of your glass vase.  To hold bulkier plants and branches, be sure to use a straight cylinder type glass vase.  Then, tape off using Martha Stewart’s painter’s tape the area that will be covered in gold foil.

Apply your gold foiling glue to the vase.  THIS IS KEY!  Allow your glue as it appears on your instructions.  You want the guy to be sticky to the touch.

Next, gently cover all areas of glue with sheets of gold foil.  I used a soft bristle brush to help gently smooth the foil out, as I go.  Once the foil is set in place, it’s time to make the magic happen!  Brush away all excess foil to reveal the clean elegant step one of this vase.

Gold Foil Vase steps
I then, added one additional row of Martha’s painter tape to help create straight lines for my coral stripe.  It took about 3 coats of paint to give it full coverage.

And after your third coat of paint, gently remove the painter’s tape from the vase.

Gold Foil Vase steps 2

Because the glass doesn’t have curves, it more easily handles the weight of my flowering Red Bud branches.

How to create a minimalist DIY Gold Foil Vase, Delineate Your Dwelling
I just adore the simple gold and the small pop of coral color!

Gold Vase flower

Gold Foil Vase flower

How to create a minimalist DIY Gold Foil Vase, Delineate Your Dwelling

Are you bringing any of your backyard flowers or plants into your home?  I wish I had some tulips in my yard, but maybe I can plant some bulbs for next year!

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Thank you to Martha Stewart for supplying the craft materials used on this project.  From the brushes to the paints, as you can imagine, Martha sells only the highest quality products and I love them!  Thank you for supporting the brands that keep Delineate Your Dwelling possible.

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