1 DIY Felt Flowers

I love felt.  Once I found a source for really lovely felt colors, I’ve noticed I have been going to felt over paper crafts!  Something about felt feels more forgiving and I think the texture adds something that paper just can not provide.  Yesterday, I sat down with my favorite felt colors and a bag of straws determined to come up with a fun and colorful Mother’s Day idea… and out of that came these adorable DIY Felt Flowers!

How to DIY Felt Flowers, Delineate Your Dwelling
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supply list
Colorful (IKEA) Straws
Assorted Felt
Hot Glue Gun

DIY Felt Flowers supplies

Finding a good felt source, is half the battle with felt crafting.  I never could find non-crayola crayon colors at my local craft supply stores.

For these DIY Felt Flowers, I just had fun.  I created a basic Calla Lilly flower using Something Turquoise’s felt tutorial as a guide.

DIY Felt Flowers Green Steps
Then, I just started making up flower shapes as I went!  I cut the pink felt into thin pieces and slowly rolled it, gluing as I went.  It created the most lovely flower center.  Then, I created a Calla Lilly shape around it.

To create another fun center, I took a 1″ strip of felt and folded it in half.  Then, in varying distances, I cut small slices halfway of the width.  Then, I slowly rolled it, gluing as I went.

I had fun adding petal like layers to each of the flowers, not really worrying if it was a real flower or just looked pretty and colorful.

DIY Felt Flowers Pink Steps
Once, the main flowers were completed, I added a generous amount of hot glue inside my straw tip and gently pushed the felt flower into the straw.  A final strip of green felt, secured around the base of the straw acts like the sepal of the flower and also covers the flower to straw connection.

Felt Flowers
These felt flowers would be a perfect Mother’s Day craft.  My daughter is already asking me one, but honestly I am so smitten with them… I don’t think I can part with any of them!

DIY Felt Flowers
These soft green shades play so well together.

DIY Felt Flowers
And the fun IKEA straws are the perfect touch of whimsey and color!

DIY Felt Flowers

DIY Felt Flowers
Now, I’m on the lookout for the perfect permanent vase to set these on display.

Felt Flowers7

How to DIY Felt Flowers, Delineate Your Dwelling
Do you plan to DIY Mother’s Day this year or are you going to just buy something online?

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