Fact: Trends come as quickly as they go. Whether you’re attempting to track the latest fashion craze or keep up with all things interior design, by the time you think you’ve actually figured out what’s “hot” or what’s “fresh,” the internet is more than happy to remind you that you’re a little too late. As a wise German supermodel (*cough, Heidi Klum, cough* ) once said: “One minute you’re in; and the next minute, you’re out.”

In an effort to stay one step ahead of the game (so we can stop asking ourselves questions like, is macrame passé? Can I still hang a tapestry in my bedroom in my 20s?) we’re constantly in search of the next big thing to hit the design world. To help us stay in-the-know, we asked the pros: What’s one new trend you hope to see more of in the next year? Here’s what they had to say.

Color, Color, Color

Gone are the days of completely whitewashed spaces. Almost every designer we asked agreed that it’s past time to return to the rainbow. “I’ve never been a fan of white walls and I’m loving seeing people start to get back to using color to make bold visual statements—especially deep, inky and vibrant tones,” says Shavonda Gardner, the blogger behind of SG Style.

Designer and stylist Dee Murphy, Ashlina Kaposta of The Decorista, and Atlanta-based designer Stephanie Andrews are also patiently awaiting the rebirth of color-charged rooms. Andrews, in particular, is looking forward to “playing with bold hues in the most unexpected places (cabinets, doors) and pairing warm curvy pieces with cooler linear pieces.”

Pattern on Pattern

If you already consider yourself a maximalist, this one will come as a happy surprise. For the designers that can’t wait to put their mixing-and-matching skills to the test this year, there’s no such thing as too much pattern. Katrina Hernandez and Joshua Greene of NYC-based interior design firm Hernandez Greene will both be keeping an eye out for layered vignettes and print-filled moments. While Greene wants to see more “chunky, nubby upholstery fabrics in solid colors,” glazed chintz is on Manhattan-based designer Starrett Ringbom must-watch list.

Tiled Exteriors

There’s something especially serene about an exclusively tiled space—especially when it’s not just another kitchen or bathroom. Susan and Ben Work—the design duo who call this dreamy SF home—are all for vibrant ceramic facades this season. Talk about curb appeal.  

Plant-Filled Rooms

Fresh, leafy greens will never go out of style. “I love how houseplants and the container(s) you keep them in have become the must-have room accent to make a space feel more inviting,” says blogger and small-space living expert Katrina Blair Sullivan.

Regardless of the many major health bonuses of living with plants (they’ve been found to increase happiness and productivity), an abundance of gorgeous greenery can help introduce a vibrant dose of color and life to a once-tired room.

More Experimenting 

“I hope to see more folks breaking the rules,” tiny cottage-dweller, Whitney Leigh Morris, tells Domino. One spot currently inspiring her to think out-of-the-box? This rustic, cut-out headboard hack by @jerseyicecreamco. “Here’s to less judgement and more lightheartedness, kindness, and creativity in the design and decor world—and beyond,” adds the blogger.

Handmade Goods

Natural materials and artist-made pieces are just two things Lindsay Hollinger is currently craving. “I love seeing carved sculptural wood tables, chairs, and accents. It really makes a statement and adds a cool vibe to the room,” says the Cali-based artist.

Arounna Khounnoraj and John Booth of Bookhou (a Toronto-based shop filled with handmade homewares) and expert potter Helen Levi are a few makers we’re obsessed with at the moment.

Black Finishes

From fixtures to window frames, this year, SoCal-based designer Anita Yokota is all for topping projects off with a touch of black. “I’m excited to incorporate more of this trend into my client designs as well as my own master bath design,” says Yokota. “The pop of black makes everything look laser defined and clean. I love this look.” Black is forever the new black.


For Jacquelyn Clark of Lark and Linen, 2018 is panning out to be not-so-straightforward—and that’s fine by her. “I’m telling you right now: Curves and arches are huge this year. From windows to doorways to pass-thrus and beyond, I’m seeing them far and wide these days, and I’m all for it,” says Clark.

Starrett Ringbom is also bookmarking shapely finds, specifically pieces by famed French furniture purveyor and interior designer, Pierre Paulin.   

Negative Space

Less is more is Julia Marcum’s number one rule for 2018. “Simple decor, open space, breathing room, a room for eyes to pause in your home—I think that can make your whole house feel a lot more peace,” says the blogger behind the award-winning renovation and design blog Chris Loves Julia.

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