Let’s dream a little and think we are on a dreamy balcony in Greece. Santorini, Mykonos or Athens, we can be anywhere we wish if we decorate our balcony or terrace being inspired by the beautiful Greece. Here are nine gorgeous ideas for you:

1. All about the details

Make a chic Greek inspired balcony by focusing on beautiful details. Add a wooden bench instead of chairs, pick printed pillows and use cute pillows as seats for your lovely guests. Don’t forget to add candles and bottles, anything that can add a romantic and exotic touch to the space.

2. The colorful Greece

If you love colors, this is the perfect balcony for you. Pick chairs and a table in a happy color like orange, red or yellow and also paint a part of your balcony in a warm color. Add also colorful plants like roses and enjoy your coffee on your balcony.

3. Summer in Santorini

The Santorini balconies are simple yet dreamy so all you need is white for your balcony furniture and big green plants. Also, to make everything looking more like Santorini, paint a blue window on a white wall and add also dreamy lamps everywhere for a dreamy vibe.

4. Welcome to Mykonos

Paint your balcony with grey making it look like the bricks from the exotic destination of Greece – Mykonos. Add a big coffee table and lots of printed pillows around it. Decorate everything with dreamy lights and sea inspired elements and you will have a balcony perfect for summer and a party at home.

5. The white and blue dream

Because a lot of Greek islands are about blue and white, think about this calm and relaxing combo when you are decorating your balcony. Pick blue chairs and a white or a blue table and also add white curtains around your balcony. You can also add roses and lights to make everything more Greek.

6. Stripes party

To make your balcony space classier, add a table cloth with a chic or sea inspired print – like the versatile navy shades. Math it with neutral chairs and starts your morning in your balcony. You can also add printed tiles on your balcony in the same blue and white power combo.

7. Relaxing day

If you want a comfortable and stylish terrace, use blue pillows to create a Greek inspired oasis in your balcony. Add also colorful plants in white pots and enjoy a summer day in an outdoor space.

8. Sea is the key

If you love the sea or the ocean and if you have a big balcony or terrace, this idea is perfect for you. Pick a one or two comfortable sofas a chic chair. Math them with a rug in white and blue and add wooden or raffia deco items around the dreamy space. Don’t forget pillows and gorgeous floor lamps.

9. From Mykonos with love

Focus on wooden furniture if you want a traditional Mykonos inspired balcony. Pick a small table and some cute small chairs and place printed pillows and rugs to give personality to the space.

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