This season get cozy in a neutral space filled with the perfect blankets and covers. So, get inspired by the nine dreamy cozy spaces we gathered for you and let the winter season begin:

1. Casual day

Decorate a minimal office space with printed covers in black and white and make a dreamy gallery wall around it using black and white pictures. Add also the perfect seasonal flowers and scented candles for a relaxing vibe.

2. Dreamy lights

Make a great contrast in your neutral room by mixing simple black and brown items with some printed covers and pillows covers. Also make this room super dreamy by surrounding it with Christmas lights, a lot of neutral lamps and a black statement chandelier.

3. Ethno vibes

Get inspired by oriental details and create the perfect neutral and cozy space that makes you think of your next trips. Escape the cold season with the perfect dreams and plans and decorate rattan chairs with furry covers and black and white pillows.

4. Magic dream

Surround your dreamy living room with tones of lights. Choose elegant candle sticks for your coffee table and add Christmas lights all around you gorgeous winter home. Don’t forget some dreamy lamps to make this the perfect relaxing season.

5. The cool light

Give personality to a neutral room using lots of print for the blankets, pillows and carpets you choose for the room. Also, bring on some magic by adding minimal lights on top of your dreamy sofa. Let the story telling night begin!

6. Let’s have a coffee

Make your coffee table winter ready by adding a cool neutral coffee set and dark colored books and albums. Also, surround your dreamy coffee table with neutral covers and furry rugs.

7. Cozy dining

This season make your dining space cozier than ever. Add as many blankets as you wish and decorate your table with a lot of neutral candles. Also, add the perfect neutral tea set that will keep you warm during the cold season.

8. Relaxing space

Decorate your dreamy bedroom with a minimal wooden bench that you can mix with the perfect winter blankets. Also, choose for this room soft pastels and neutrals because they are the best in creating a calm vibe for the perfect good night sleep during the cold season.

9. Let’s have breakfast!

This season take your breakfast in a bed covered in neutral and pastel covers and blankets. Surround your bed with relaxing ottomans and chairs and add on top of it winter themed black and white pictures or inspiring sayings.

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