Need some drama in your busy day to day life? Well, pick original, creative and sophisticated deco items and furniture and make your home really unique! Here are nine dreamy spaces that will inspire and amaze you in the same time:

1. The cool element

Insert a quote written with cool lights in your living room and the whole space will look just like a cool bar. To add more drama in the interior, choose unique deco items, an artsy photo and a lot of oversized plants.

2. Aristocratic room

Live like the kings and the queens and pick a statement vintage mirror in your living room, along with a dreamy chandelier and a lot or artsy paintings. Don’t forget a splendid daybed that will make you feel more relaxed in this amazing dramatic room.

3. The fancy hallway

Make your hallway pretty dramatic and glamorous by adding a big statement chandelier and a bench decorated with fun pillows and furry covers. You hallway will look so good that it will become a favorite part of your dreamy home.

4. Just relax!

Relax in an amazing dramatic room surrounded by plants flowers, a fancy golden bar cart and an elegant armchair. Add also retro deco items around the room like a gorgeous coffee or small table.

5. Dine time

Make a dramatic dining space in your dreamy home by adding an artsy and unique lamp, an oversized painting and a lot of vintage furniture items, like chairs, around the amazing room.

6. Full of colors

Add different bold and chic colors around your room to make it really stand out. Add a little bit more drama by picking big colorful flowers, artsy paintings and golden deco items.

7. Pop Art day

Cover your living room wall with a lot of pop art elements and unique deco items and paint them in a dark color to make them stand out. Also, decorate your sofa with pillows with creative prints, bold colors and furry covers.

8. The amazing bathroom

Pick a fancy wallpaper for your bathroom and mysterious lights to set a dramatic mood in this relaxing room. Add also an original mirror and metallic elements.

9. Movie fan

Are you a movie fanatic? Well, then make a brilliant gallery wall using old movie posters and pictures and add a unique lamp next to it. You can also add movie inspired items like retro camera and some cool and elegant chairs.

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