9 Comfortable And Easy To Make DIY Lap Desks

A lap desk is a perfect piece for serving a breakfast in bed or to work at the laptop right in bed – ideal for lazy people or those who have to stay in bed for some reason. Need such a cool piece? Crafting it isn’t difficult at all, so here are some projects to take a look at, get inspired!
One of the best little pleasures in life has to be breakfast in bed. What’s not to love? I don’t indulge in it often enough but when I do, it feels as good as getting the royal treatment. A tray is good to eat in bed but a DIY breakfast in bed table is even better! Not only is this table handy for breakfast in bed but it’s also works as a table to place your laptop on and work from your bed. A bit decadent, but oh so nice especially on those cold, cold days. This easy DIY breakfast in bed table will take your breakfasts in bed to another level.  I’ve also found it handy as a spare table around the house.

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