9 Bags That Will Actually Earn You Money Over Time

The term “investment buy” gets bandied around a lot in fashion speak. Sure, classic camel coats and well-made shoes will see you through many years, but they’re only an investment in terms of how often you’ll wear them. It’s unlikely you’ll make any more reselling a pair of worn-out shoes.

Which is why you really can put “bag” and “investment” in the same phrase. Some brands (we’re looking at you Hermès) will even increase in value as they patiently sit in a dust bag at the back of your wardrobe because of the waiting lists for new styles owing to the time and craft needed to bring a single, say, Birkin to life. Other styles just never date—like Chanel’s 2.55.

So far so obvious, but according to top resale site Vestiaire Collective, there’s a surprising number of much newer brands that are holding on to their value. The company shared exclusive data with us to reveal that of-the-moment labels like Staud and Off-White are being traded at almost the same price they were purchased for. Referring to Off-White’s popular Binder bag, a Vestiaire Collective spokesperson explained: “Savvy customers should buy and sell this within three to six months if looking to recoup full amount, otherwise it could be a good style to keep/collect as a ‘future vintage’ piece.”

Taking good care of your bag is obvious—both when in use and not—to guarantee interest if you’re looking to trade it in. So before you splash out on a new-season bit of arm candy, check out the scoop from Vestiaire Collective below as to which bags make the best investments right now.

Named after our very own style icon Jane Birkin, the top-handle bag by the storied French brand is beloved of many A-listers. “It is definitely still the top investment style,” reports a Vestiaire Collective spokesperson. “It will steadily increase in value every year.”
Practical and chic, LV’s Neverfull gets its name because it really is hard to fill it. Even better, it’s considered a “consistent performer” by Vestiaire Collective and can recoup over 80% of the retail price.
You won’t ever lose out if treating yourself to a quilted beauty by Chanel. On Vestiaire Collective, the fashion houses’ chain bags sell for the retail price or more, and they are the best-selling bags on the site. What’s more is that the price has gone up by around 140% in the last five years.
Should you ever want to part with Gucci’s luxe, logo’ed Marmont bags, then expect to get back almost the same amount as what you paid for it. Kerching—and onto the next!
Hermès’s Kelly—named after the actress Grace Kelly—is synonymous with enduring elegance, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be cool and contemporary too. Fetching its retail price or more, “the exclusivity and limited production drive the demand,” explains Vestiaire Collective.
A relative newcomer on the bag scene, the practicality and desirability of this shape—not to mention the myriad colourways it has been made in—has made it one of the most wanted. If you’re tempted, it’s good to know that you can expect to recoup around 75% of the RRP if you choose to trade it in at a later date.
U.S. label Staud’s bags are relatively affordable where designer price tags are concerned, but that doesn’t make them any less desirable. Right now, they are fetching 92% of their retail value on Vestiaire Collective.
Hands up: Who remembers this style back in the early noughties? Now deemed “vintage,” “demand has dramatically increased this year,” reports Vestiaire Collective, with some styles selling for more than retail price.
The crossbody bag isn’t going anywhere, and Gucci’s Soho is a safe bet, not least because it recoups around 90% of its retail value.
The resale value of Off-White accessories has gone up since last year, “highlighting the demand for this brand,” says Vestiaire Collective, with the Binder being highly sought after.