wood floor pattern ideas

wood floor pattern ideas

Arguing with your other half is never fun.  But it’s a part of married life, isn’t it?

The biggest fallout my hubby Richard and I recently had was on our parquet flooring. The long war of herringbone vs. chevron became ugly!  In the end herringbone won (Richard’s choice – boo!) and I considered divorce (just kidding!).

But seriously, had I realised then that we could have been creative with our wood floor patterns by mixing different kinds and considering different ways to lay our floors, the war needn’t have taken place at all!

The good news is that next time I can avoid any flooring wars and if you’re considering wood flooring, so can you.  You can mix and match and lay the flooring to create natural room dividers, to make a room look bigger or to simply create interest. And most of this can be done with whatever wooden floor you choose, so no extra cost which is always a good thing.

Like in the pic above, using simple wooden planks, they’ve created areas simply by changing the direction of the planks.  I also love how they’ve continued the vertical floor from the hallway in to the kitchen area but then gone horizontal in the living spaces.

There are some very clever ways to get creative with your wooden floors and here are 7 more unusual wood floor pattern ideas to inspire you:

stunning parquet flooring ideasParquet flooring is always beautiful.  But here is a striking way of laying parquet – using 2 different styles of parquet flooring.  The outer room has a simple horizontal pattern while the inner room has the traditional herringbone pattern.  This works beautifully because the colour of the floor is the same and so it all looks seamless but interesting.  Also, I love how the the inner room has the horizontal pattern as the border, once again making it all come together beautifully.

how to create a floor transition

For a dramatic look, I love this combo of a wooden floor with hexagon tiles.  The tiles under the dining table make it feel like a rug that’s meant to be there. The tiles have been laid unevenly making it feel organic and and seamless.  You could customise this look with any kind of tiles and any shade of wooden flooring. And while this look is a bit harder to achieve, the end result is nothing less than stunning.

ideas on how to lay wooden floors to divide rooms

Simple, raw wooden planks make a stunning floor.  Here they have gone one step further and changed the direction of the planks to mark out different areas of the open plan room.  It’s a simple and clever way to divide spaces in open plan areas of your home.  I also love the little corner of the entrance area where they’ve had fun in laying the floor in different directions.  It all adds so much interest to the floor.

wooden floor transition ideas

Chevron floors are probably my most favourite kind of wooden flooring as you know, but I’ve never thought about laying them in different directions like they’ve done here.  Even though the rooms are separated by doors and doorways, the flooring just enhances the zones while still making it feel very much part of one space.

wood floor pattern ideas

If you’ve got a really small space then consider this clever idea of combining warm wooden floors with some cool concrete. The concrete floor clearly marks out the kitchen area making it feel like a different room even in such a small space. You could use this idea in any room to create a room within a room simply by combing a wooden floor with another contrasting material.

ideas on how to lay wooden floors

Scandinavians tend to use really long planks of wood to create a very uniform floor which looks beautiful. Think long planks from end to end with no breaks.  However it’s not always possible to find such long planks.  So here is a neat little idea to steal – get the longest planks you can and lay the planks in a straight line with horizontal planks in the middle . Not only does the floor look endless, it also makes your space feel bigger.

wood floor pattern ideas

Finally, here is an idea which works so well for a long, narrow hallway. Using any wooden floor you like, lay a mix of horizontal and vertical planks. There is lots of advice out there on which direction wooden floors should be laid but none of it gives you this idea where you can use a combination of both horizontal and vertical planks in the same space. This makes your space look bigger both in length and width and it’ll work with any kind of wooden floor you choose.

All of these wood floor pattern ideas are beautiful and will be especially useful for small spaces or even a large open space where you want to seamlessly divide areas.  Whats your favourite wooden floor look?

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