It’s easy to create a wonderful space for your child to grow and enjoy themselves – you simply need to pick a theme and stick to it. You could talk it through with them but it may be the case that they will offer up some less-than-practical suggestions, so ultimately it will be down to you to choose the right bedroom for them. Here are eight great ways to decorate your child’s bedroom that will leave them amazed and keep your house looking stylish.

The Library

Got an avid reader? A library-themed bedroom can be both inspiring for them and elegant in terms of your home décor. Invest in some stylish and high quality bookcases – when your child gets too old for a themed bedroom you can repurpose these in another part of the house. It’s also worth noting that you don’t have to spend a significant amount of money buying books to deck out the whole room. Bookcase wallpaper can be the perfect alternative; it is easy to find and simple to put up, giving the impression of an impressive library.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

The Adventurer

Is your child an adventurer at heart? You can spark their passion for worldwide travels with themed décor including a wall scratch map so that they can mark of the places they have been and make plans for more. You can also fill the room with furnishings like a desk globe or large posters of amazing locations around the world. Alternatively, you can deck out the room with camping inspiration – space permitting you could even set up a permanent tent as a little space for playing games or reading.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

Captain of the Ship

A boat-shaped bed is the cornerstone for this bedroom theme. It’s one of those features that your child will love – maybe it will even be the thing that gets them excited for bedtime if they are still at the stage where they dread the idea of going to sleep. Complete the idea with blue carpet or even nautical wallpaper.

Or if your child has a more mischievous side, you could consider a pirate ship theme instead. Treasure chests make for handy storage space and you can round off the look with a Jolly Roger flag and other swashbuckling accessories. 

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

Room for Two

Bunkbeds are a favourite for children. They are so much more than a space-saving bedroom space – even if you don’t need an additional bed, your child will love the opportunity for sleep overs. It also gives them the choice to sleep either on the top or bottom bunk and different children will have their own preferences. Of course, bunk beds can also be used if you’ve got two children who need to share a room. It gives you that extra room to give space for each child to have their own things.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

The Football Fan

If your child is mad for football, then why not deck out their room in the style of the beautiful game. If they have a favourite team that you’ve already got a perfect colour scheme ready to go and you can pick up a range of merchandise, logos and posters to adorn the world. If you would prefer a less partisan approach, a more generic footballing bedroom could look fantastic too. Football wallpaper and a mini goal are a great start – you could even place England football shirts proudly on the wall.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

Nature’s Den

It’s a great idea to provide inspiration for the great outdoors. You could theme your child’s bedroom as an enchanted forest or simply around the idea of the Great British countryside. The colour scheme can revolve around greens and neutrals and you can involve all sorts of décor option including toad stool seats, a range of stuffed animals and even woodland murals. Once again you could implement a camping element to the bedroom for that added element of wonder.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

The Superhero

What child doesn’t dream of being a superhero? Whether you deck out the room in the style of a specific superhero (how about a Batcave?) or you turn the whole room into a comic strip with pop art wallpaper, a superhero room can look fantastic. Your child will marvel at their new room – this is really something that is going to impress their friends.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

The Racetrack

If you’ve got a petrol head in the making, then why not feed their passion with a car and racetrack themed room? You can buy a car-shaped bed along with all sorts of racing décor that your kid will love.

8 unique ways to decorate your child’s bedroom

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