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It wasn’t until I was 31 that I discovered the joy and positive psychological effects of the matching pajama set. It’s like making your bed, but for your body. Once they are on your body, you feel more pulled together, more cohesive, more grown-up in a good way. I’m typically VERY bummed when I can’t find a set in my drawers, and recently I realized I only own two sets and one was at the mountain house. This would not do so I shopped and read reviews and today I have for you eight sets that I love for a variety of reasons.

But first, what makes a good pajama set? I have narrowed it down to three things:

  1. Comfort: They better not be super tight at the waist and cut in. That infuriates me. A pajama maker’s first priority should be comfort and when it’s not, it makes me so mad.
  2. Cuteness: I want to be able to wear these on weekends and on holidays around family and not feel like I’m wearing a sack. I personally like when they are cute and drape in a way that isn’t unflattering.
  3. Affordability: I have been sent luxury pajamas before and I’m not opposed to them and frankly LOVE them as gifts, but it’s not where I want to splurge on in life. They don’t have to be expensive (as you can see below) but for a gift, it’s nice to give/receive one that I wouldn’t buy myself.

Split-Neck Modal Henley, $32 + Modal Joggers, $45

Pajamas Lores 7

I haven’t shopped at the Gap in a while but Arlyn said these got great reviews so I tried them and they are a hell YES.

Comfort: They are so thin and drape so so so so well. No cutting in, no clinging to places it shouldn’t. Just EXTREME comfort and breathability. I’m literally wearing them right now as I opted for them to sleep in last night. I had a late dinner with a friend and came home and rummaged around JUST for these if that tells you anything. Brian woke up and was like “what are you doing?” and I replied “sorry! pajama hunting!” These are super lightweight so great if you run hot at night but still want pants and long sleeves.

Cuteness: I feel super cute in these. I have room around the waist and it doesn’t cling to my bra strap. They are just GOOD.

Affordability: $77 for the set and worth every penny. I just got them so I don’t know how they wear over time, so if anyone else has more long-term experience with these, please leave in the comments.

Next up, my team’s favorite (and now mine, too):

Soft Notch Collar Pajama Set, $22

Pajamas Lores 8

PJs are not where I splurge in life so I’ve been wearing Target’s matching sets for years. I actually usually buy two of the same so in case I misplace a top or bottom, I’m covered.

Comfort: 10/10. Feels like you are wearing nothing, in a good way.

Cuteness: YEP. I feel cute, and because the shorts are pretty short, Brian really likes these, too. The shorts are boxy which is good, they don’t cling and are really loose. They drape really nicely, are roomy but not too boxy and come in so many colors.

Affordability: At $22 for the set, you honestly can’t regret it in any way. The two sets I bought two years ago from Target are just now starting to pill, but I still opt for them in the summer. This model is better.

(That wreath with the faux candle is from Target, too and making me so happy).

Henley PJ Top, $34 + Long John Pant, $34

Pajamas Lores 5

Two years ago, I bought this version in green and white for the family and it’s my FAVORITE. It’s from Hanna Andersson who specializes in pajamas so you’d expect them to do it right and they do.

Comfort: Another 10/10. They are comfy and lightweight but still warm. It think it’s hard to find a thicker fabric that is also very comfortable and breathable but these are it. Even though they’re more fitted, they don’t cling to places they shouldn’t.

Cuteness: The henley and long John styles are more playful and whimsical than a boxier model. It does NOT feel tight in at the waist and THIS IS KEY. Pajamas that cut in at the waist and give you an uncomfortable muffin top while you sleep are doing the opposite job it should. I’ve discovered that you want a light elastic waist, with a drawstring to go tighter if you desire.

Affordability: $68 for the set. These are more expensive than many below, true. I just love them and have found that myself (and Brian and the kids) opt to wear them ALL THE TIME. They just make us happy. The first pair that I had years ago was gifted from the company or else I might not have splurged initially, not realizing why they are worth it, but over the years they are the pair that I splurge on for myself. I still wear the green set, and two years later, they absolutely hold up.

PJ Set in Tennanbaum, $69


I bought this other version from Hanna Andersson that I also love, although the red/white stripe might make a better family set.

Comfort: I took it for a test sleep and that Supima cotton is so soft, breathable and the drape is good. I’m only calling out the type of cotton so we all remember what makes a good breathable yet soft cotton: “Supima.”

Cuteness: The arms are slim, while the shape is more flowy so it doesn’t feel like you are wearing a big paper bag. No clinging. No cutting in.

Affordability: $69 for the set. Again, splurge-y but super high quality. No pilling or rips in two years of wearing.

Silk Leisure Pant, $80 + Silk Long-Sleeve Leisure Shirt, $85


I wanted to try some silk sets (or silk feeling sets) and so I reached out to to test theirs. This is a set I would absolutely bring on a girls’ weekend because it’s so cute and fun. It’s also a great gift as it is on the splurgier side.

Comfort: The top is super comfy but I had to size up on the bottom. I originally ordered a small but it cut in and the elastic is too tight (yes I hope the company reads this and adjusts its sizing). The medium bottom was much better, (the top is still a small) so I’d say size up at least for the bottoms.

Cuteness: These are great for a girls weekend and with converse and a long coat or sweatshirt I know that it might even look cool going to the grocery store or grabbing coffee on Saturday morning.

Affordability: The most splurgey of the bunch at $165. They’re a great gift, especially for a college-aged girl who wants to look cute/cool but can’t spend the dough.

Silk Leisure Shirt, $75 + Silk Leisure Shorts, $65

Pajamas Lores 14

This is another set from in the silky material that I know people love.

Comfort: I wanted to try the silk feel being a supreme cotton lover lady and now I know I prefer cotton (for sleeping that is) because the silk or satin doesn’t have the same give. They sort of pull when you move around which isn’t very comfortable.

Cuteness: SO CUTE. While I won’t go for these most nights, opting for something stretchier instead, I will be keeping these for those weekends away either with Brian or my girlfriends. I felt really cute and ready to put on a face mask.

Affordability: $140. I would absolutely buy these for my nieces that are just starting college.

Short Sleeve Pajama Set, $29

Pajamas Lores 12

This set had strangely great reviews on Amazon and I am here to say the reviews were right.

Comfort: They are great and almost identical to Target’s in the comfortability region.

Cuteness: The little dots are very cute and for a summer set, I’d opt for these for sure. Soft fabric, doesn’t cut in at the waist, breathable and drapey.

Affordability: At $29 they are cheap, and who can resist that one click to buy and one-day shipping?

Striped Perfectly Cozy Flannel Pajama Set, $30

Pajamas Lores 10

While living in LA, I rarely need a flannel number, but I wanted to try a pair for you guys.

Comfort: It’s comfortable, breathable and all-around good.

Cuteness: This one is soooooo cute because of the stripe on stripe. The set looks “designer-y” but they’re affordable. Due to the flannel nature, the fit is boxier and they don’t drape as well, but they don’t cling or cut in either. They’re just thicker. I’m bringing this set up to the mountain house, for sure.

Affordability: At $30, the set is absolutely worth the warmth and comfort (I love that little hem).

In a perfect world I would have tried on every pair in the entire world, but who’s got that time? I did reject like 9 pairs at The Americana, mostly due to cutting in at the waist (I MEAN, YOUR ONE JOB IS COMFORT, PLEASE GET THAT RIGHT, PAJAMA MAKERS) so know that there are some definite “no’s” out there.

Here are some more that we’d love to try:

Emily Henderson Review Pajama Sets

1. Star-t Over Satin Pajama Set | 2. Satin Pyjama Shirt | Satin Pyjama Short | 3. Woven Pj Pant Set | 4. Pastel Zebra Crop Pants | 5. Stretch Flannel Long-Sleeve Pajamas | 6. Henley & JoggerPJ Set | 7. Ultra Soft Buffalo PJ Set | 8. Satin Pajamas | 9. Girlfriend Pajamas | 10. Polka Dot Long Sleeve Pajamas | 11. Matching Women’s Tree-Print Pajamas Set | 12. Save Me A Spot Polka Dot Pajamas | 13. Super Span Dots PJ Set | 14. Slouchy Pajama Set | 15. Notch Collar PJ Set | 16. Kiss Me Goodnight Flannel PJ Set | 17. Stars Above Thermal Pajama Set | 18. Butter Knit PJ Set | 19. Luxe Short Pajama Set | 20. Whisperluxe Waffle PJ Set | 21. Thermal Pajamas

I would LOVE your recommendations or if you’ve tried any of the above, let me know your thoughts. We are about to purchase our family set for the holidays and I’m likely going to go with a super cute elf or Santa one from Target for the day-of and the red/white one from Hanna Andersson for the rest of the time. I swear even Brian gets into this. Pajama sets for everyone!

**photography by Veronica Crawford

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