The new IKEA collection inspired us in redecorating our balconies. So, we have eight ideas for you and eight items that can change the look of your balcony and also can make it more dreamy in a easy way.

1. The chic coffee table

Made of natural fiber, this neutral Mastholmen table is perfect for a summer balcony gathering with your friends. Math it neutral chairs and also a cute Moroccan rug.

2. The comfy balcony sofa

This folding and classy sofa from PS 2017 collection is perfect for a balcony for two. It’s comfy and you can math it with green plants and colorful deco object for a great contrast.

3. The cute beach chair

What better way to relax on a warm afternoon than on a comfy chair that also has a cute print that can make your balcony even prettier. The Mysingso chair has a happy color and gives you a nature vibe.

4. The dreamy lights

If you love spending time on your balcony at night you need dreamy lights and this Solvinden dreamy lights are the perfect items to bring magic into your balcony.

5. What about a dreamy cage?

Cages are simply gorgeous in outdoor spaces and you can fill them with lights and even plants. So, you can get one or more Sommar hanging cages and decorate your balcony with plants in an unexpected way.

6. Funky rug

Because the ethno inspired prints are really popular this season you can change the look of your balcony by simply adding a Sommar rug. And the cool fact is these types or rugs go with anything!

7. The small terrace for two

If you’re searching for a neutral and classy terrace for two the Saltholmen set is just perfect. It’s also easy to fold and you can add some colorful and printed pillows to make everything dreamier.

8. The ingenious lamp

The Solvinden solar led helps you get light in your balcony in an eco way. It’s also colorful and really pretty and it will make your balcony happier.

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