Many people get scared or freaked out they hear neon colours and decor in the same sentence and sometimes that’s understandable! But, using a touch of crazy neon colour never hurt anybody, in this post you will see how you can use these cool colors. Here are eight dreamy examples where neon shade are not too much, ok, used in small doses and paired with the right neutrals:

1. The happy office

Make your day to day office happier than ever by adding a neon chair next to a neutral desk. But that’s not all you can do to give personality to the space. Focus also on the wall in front of your desk and pick photos with neon accents or other cute wall decoration in these colors.

2. Mix & match kitchen

In a neutral Scandinavian kitchen you can mix you pastel or white chairs with one or two colorful ones. Pick neon colors like yellow or red and make your chairs pop up around a simple wooden table.

3. The colorful bathroom

If you have a neutral bathroom with a cool Scandi vibe and lots of green plants, go for  some neon items like a bathroom cabinet, a rug or a towel ladder and transform this interior into an eclectic one.

4. Neon living space

A brick wall or some simple wooden furniture can look better when they are put in contrast with lots of neon deco items. So add colorful framed pictures, table deco objects, ottomans and pillows and make your living room really special and colorful.

5. The glam living room

In an elegant or glam living space make your dining table really stand out in the room. For this, pick chairs with colorful tapestry and for them pick different neon colors. Moreover, these kinds of chairs can make an old or retro room modern and trendy.

6. All about the details

Neon colors are great in a glam white bedroom. To make this space more colorful, add a velvet headboard in a neon color, a cool reading lamp and also a colorful painting above the bed. Don’t forget other cute details like the cover or the pillows cases which can also be in neon shades if you pair them with the sheets.

7. Classy evening

Believe it or not, neon also looks great in a classy –  retro interior or in a hallway, such as this one. So for a modern touch in a space paint an old chair in beautiful neon color and make it the coolest thing in the room.

8. Yellow day

If you have a dark kitchen, this simple neon accent can brighten up the space and make it happier. So in a white or grey monochromatic kitchen paint a cabinet in yellow. See how this optical illusion can really divide the space, making it super cool?

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