Make a room really stand out, mix styles, be different, think outside the box when it comes to home decor and never stop being creative and showing your personality in your home. And let’s not forget, think about clever storing solution that will help you live easier or in a minimal way. These are the main rules you need to follow if you wish to have a cool hipster home that will definitely be noticed by your guests and loved by you:

1. The cool study room

Mix industrial items with cool art work and a statement picture or painting that shows emotions. Also, for your study space, you can pick a classy Earthy color that will also look pretty elegant, inviting and relaxing.

2. Neutral and functional living room

Pick a comfy, inviting and neutral living room and find different storing solutions for your deco objects. Think of different minimal coffee tables, some original ones like the one made out of wood and cool baskets where you can store the ”not so beautiful” deco items.

3. Book lover

If you really love book, mix and match your bed with a big bookcase filled with wonderful books and vintage deco items. You can also pick a brick wall, a vintage map and themed travelling items and a cute neutral cover for you bed.

4. The themed corner

Make a cute themed corner in your home, like one that focuses on music. Mix and math themed deco items with creative framed pictures and make this your favorite spot of your dreamy home.

5. The industrial kitchen space

Pick an industrial style for your hipster kitchen space and mix retro looking chairs, in the same style or with different shapes for your dining area. Don’t forget the industrial metallic elements, some dreamy green plants and unusual objects like bikes that will make the space looking pretty cool.

6. The cool hallway

Choose a minimal bench for your hipster hallway and decorate it with green oversized plants, books and creative deco items. You can also make this your reading spot and add pillows, covers and all sorts of items that look relaxing in a space like this.

7. The mixed and matched bathroom

Make a really cool bathroom by mixing old items with modern decorations and bathroom utilities. Pick relaxing raffia elements, add exotic plants and a cool table for your towels and bath products.

8. Beauty corner

Make a beautiful hipster vanity in your bedroom or dressing space and pick a romantic shabby style for it. Pick a neutral minimal desk, some vintage looking flowers and a retro mirror and your favorite perfume bottles.

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