Get ready for the cold season with a dark and mysterious bedroom that’s ready for winter tales. Think about black, different shades of gray or dark blue and picture the perfect day in a cozy bed. Here are eight dreamy ideas for you:

1. Exotic vibe

Mix and match a dark wall with knitted covers in exotic and happy colors and a lot of green plants around the room. Don’t forget some statement framed pictures and an Asian inspired lamp for the ceiling.

2. Cozy day

Make a dark bedroom really cozy and dreamy by giving it a black and white contrast and matching the dark color of the walls with a furry blanket. Don’t forget to add a cool factor to this room like this lovely mirror with quotes written on top of it.

3. Minimal morning

If you really love dark colors and you want a very mysterious vibe in your bedroom, make everything dark. Also, add small details like light colored magazines, books and photos showing feelings to really stand out in the room.

4. Elegant winter

Have breakfast in bed in a dark an elegant bedroom where gray and dark blue work wonders with classic brown furniture. Add a cozy rug in a soft shade of gray and really enjoy the cold season and a hot beverage at home.

5. Masculine look

This masculine bedroom with industrial details really shines in front of a dark wall. So, add soft touches by picking blue sheets and make a cool library next to the bed where you can mix books with useful and eye catchy deco items.

6. Eclectic mix

Make an eclectic mix in your bedroom by paring a dark blue wall with a bed full of colorful pillows and covers. Get more artsy and creative by making new and old frames on a gallery wall and add an exotic vibe by choosing oversized green plants.

7. Lights on

Make a cozy and magical bedroom by adding lights all around your bed. Make also a dark canopy around the bed and mix and match your sheets, covers and pillows with it. With this magical vibe in your bedroom it will be story time every time!

8. Festive touch

Before Christmas, add a festive vibe in your bedroom by adding dreamy globes in a tree next to your bed. How about that for a cool Christmas, don’t forget a dark wall that will make your room even cooler and perfect for the cold season.


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