8 DIY Witches’ Brew And Potion Slime Recipes

Playing with slime is a sensory play activity, which allows children to utilize and understand all five senses. When several senses are stimulated at once, children build their creativity and learning through exploration. Sensory play also encourages the development of fine motor skills and coordination. As there’s just a moth left before Halloween, it’s high time to make some Halloween slime! We’ve already shared some Halloween slime recipes for smaller kids and today we’ll have a special edition – DIY witches’ brew and potion slime! Wanna see them all to choose how to excite your kids? Scroll down!
We are starting from Witches’ Brew slime favors, which are an amazing idea for a kids’ Halloween party. This is sheer green slime filled with bats and spiders of plastic, and you’ll need some cups to serve it. I’m sure that the kids will have a lot of fun with this slime and they will be busy during the party. Let them have fun!

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