This season is all about getting cozy, feeling more relaxed and having that perfect bedroom to sleep and enjoy the winter while looking at the window. So, here are eight inspirational bedrooms that you will dream about this season:

1. Winter is coming

Decorate your bedroom with winter sculptures of reindeers and make a cozy vibe in the space using lamps and candles. Don’t forget to add furry covers and also create mystery in the space using a dark paint in the room.

2. Cozy nights

Make a bed cozier than ever using furry covers and neutral shades. Add also a chest next to your bed where you can store your favorite books to read during the winter season.

3. White mood

Choose everything white for your bedroom to make it match the winter season. This color scheme will help you relax more and have a perfect sleep!

4. Mystery room

Match dark blue with brown for the coolest combo you can have this season in your home. Add a fancy chair next to your bed and decorate it with furry covers and an elegant leather pillow cover.

5. Neutral shades

Grey, white and brown, what more can you ask for a minimal, modern and cool room? Pick these lovely neutral shades for your bedroom this season and you will see how relaxing and chic the space will get.

6. Breakfast in bed

Serve your breakfast in bed this season and get cozy by adding a lot of extra covers in the room. Don’t forget to add candles, magazines and beautiful green plants around the room for a fresh vibe.

7. Chill days

Add a statement knitted cover to a minimal bed and create a cozy nook with furry covers in the room. Pick also a neutral rug and some raffia elements to give the space a warm and relaxing vibe.

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