72 Unique Kitchen Island Designs

A kitchen island is a piece that is necessary for cooking, it’s very important that it should be comfortable in using, and this piece may make your kitchen rock! A kitchen island that differs in texture, color, pattern or style form the rest of the furniture would make an accent, it would make the space original. Here are some ideas you can use for your kitchen: chose a different style, find a shabby chic or vintage piece and place it in a minimalist kitchen – it will rock! An unusual shape is also cool to highlight the island, and so will another material – for example, a wooden kitchen would look cool with a metal island. Have a look at some ideas below and play on contrasts!
Unique Wooden Kitchen Islands
Wood is the most popular material to make a kitchen island, and such a piece can be accented and decorated in many ways to make it unique. You can apply mosaic, paint it bright, change the countertop for a concrete or stone one, incorporate much storage space and even an additional meal space from a different material. Play with shapes: go for a very sleek kitchen island for a…

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