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Have you ever seen an embroidery stitch and thought it looked really cool, only having no idea how it was created? (This has happened to me plenty of times.) Instead of noting how neat the stitch looks and moving on, just head to YouTube and learn it on your own!

It’s always good to have a lot of stitches in your repertoire—even if you don’t use them in a project now, you can practice them (might I suggest as part of 1 Year of Stitches?) and save them for later.

Finding the best YouTube channels to learn embroidery stitches can mean a lot of searching. But not anymore! Here are five of my favorites. Some include audio commentary while others are simply demonstrating the techniques (sans speaking).

Learn all the embroidery stitches you need to know by watching YouTube! Scroll down for my favorite channels.

Mary Corbet’s Needle N’ Thread

Mary Corbet’s YouTube channel is my go-to for learning new embroidery stitches. She demonstrates a lot of them—including some really complicated ones! I find her explanations thorough and easy to follow, and I especially like that each video is a single technique. They’re short (typically under four minutes) and perfect for when you know exactly what you want to learn.


Jessica Long Embroidery

Jessica Long is another embroidery artist I frequent on YouTube. Like Mary Corbet, she also has one-technique videos that show you how to make basic stitches. They include a combination of on-screen text and her spoken explanation. While those types of videos are short, she also has longer ones that are helpful for beginner embroiderers as well as those looking for more advanced techniques like stumpwork. Not only do they show you stitches, but they introduce embroidery materials and how to transfer designs onto fabric.


Cutesy Crafts

If you are brand new to embroidery, completing a stitch sampler can be a helpful exercise. It’ll acquaint you with a variety of stitches and then act as a reference point for more stitching later on. Jessica of Cutesy Crafts has two free embroidery samplers you can download and then stitch along with her on her YouTube channel.


The Stitchery

Charlie of The Stitchery creates videos that feature how-to on basic and more advanced stitches. Some of my favorite videos utilize abstract patterns as a way to practice those stitches and go beyond your typical sampler. But if there are times you need less instruction and more soothing vibes, check out her silent stitching videos where there’s no talking—just calming music and embroidery.


Baroudi Broderie

Baroudi Broderie stitches with colorful threads (like neons) that make their videos a delight to watch. They don’t include audio commentary (although some videos have written instructions) and are a soothing watch. Dive into their library and you’ll see a variety of embroidery techniques from beginner to advanced.



HandiWorks is a mega-popular YouTube channel that is similar to Baroudi Broderie. There is no audio explanation of the stitching, but there is a close look at all of the steps and calming music to accompany it. Another reason I like this channel: I enjoy seeing the techniques put to practical use—such as a floral design made of bullion stitches.


River Birch Threads

Olivia Skelhorne of River Birch Threads has created a popular YouTube channel that revolves around the offerings in her Etsy shop. She has one video on basic embroidery stitches, but the rest of her videos will show you how to complete patterns and adorn the likes of hats and clothing.

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