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Fall is upon us and winter is approaching fast.  It can be somewhat of a struggle to put together stylish outfits while also trying to keep warm. Keep calm and say hello to your new best friend: turtlenecks.  Turtlenecks can elevate any outfit and add an edgy, fashionista feel.  While searching for the perfect outfit, here are seven types and ways to style a turtleneck this season.

1. Thick Knit Turtleneck

Who doesn’t love a good quality knit? And they are even better when they have a turtleneck! These thick, wool sweaters will definitely keep you warm and cozy while also keep you looking stylish.  Pair this thick knit turtleneck with a light wash blue jean and sneakers to achieve that effortless, cool-girl look.

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck


2. Cropped Turtleneck

This one is for you, warmer fall days.  Cropped, sleeveless, and ready to roll.  Pair this form fitting turtleneck with a pair of cargo pants for a high-fashion street style look. The tight fitting top paired with loose, baggy pants on bottom even each other out to perfection.  Monochrome is also trending right now and can take any outfit to the next level.

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck



3. Mock Neck Over-sized Crew Turtleneck

When it’s still warm enough for shorts, but chilly enough for sleeves…. the struggle.  The perfect solution to this in between: a mock neck over-sized crew sweatshirt.  Find a crew sweatshirt with a long enough length to look like it could serve as a dress.  Usually any mock neck sweater will do, just be sure to buy it a few sizes up.  For example, If you are a small, shoot for buying a size large to achieve this look.  Pair with a fanny pack or small backpack, along with chunky sneakers and look effortlessly put together.  The flattering mock neck line, which doesn’t go up as high on your neck as a true turtleneck, gives the look some edge.

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck


4. Solid, Basic Colored Turtleneck

Solid and basic colored turtlenecks are a closet MUST have during the colder season.  They go with just about anything, however, try and pair these solid colored turtlenecks with statement pants.  Animal print and bold plaid prints are a great look for the fall season.  Take your look up a notch while avoiding over-doing it at the same time.

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck


5. Slouchy Turtleneck

Cozy up in this slouchy, chunky over-sized sweater this season.  Perfect for both the winter time and fall.  In the fall, pair with a form fitting mini skirt. The sweater will keep you warm while you strut around town and walk through crunchy fallen leaves.  In the winter, pair this turtleneck sweater with jeans or leggings along your favorite pair of boots and cozy up next to the fireplace or a walk through the fluffy snow.

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck


6. Statement Turtleneck

Statement turtlenecks are all the rave.  Make heads turn with eye-catching colors, patterns, and graphics this season.  These turtlenecks are perfect for standing alone and do a good job of carrying their own weight in style.  Pair with a dark denim wash or ripped jeans and instantly achieve that trend-setter, unique and one-of-a-kind look everyone will be envious of.

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck


7. Layered Turtleneck

This look will have everyone on the streets staring…in a good way! Achieve this look by pairing a thin, neutral colored turtleneck under a jacket.  The key to getting this look is finding a turtleneck with THIN sleeves.  If the turtleneck sweater has thick sleeves, it might not be able to fit under a jacket, or extremely restrict your range of motion.  Also, the thinner material will keep you warm while avoiding getting TOO hot under a thick jacket.  Mixing and layering neutral colors is always a good idea, but don’t let this stop you from pairing together bright colors that will make your outfit pop among a crowd.  This is one of the best ways to style a turtleneck!

7 Ways To Style A Turtleneck



Pair a turtleneck with any adventure you find yourself on this season.  Whether its a slouchy turtleneck sweater, statement turtleneck, or a cropped, sleeveless turtleneck, you will be sure to turn heads while strutting around in any of these styles.  Achieve that chic, fashionista look you’ve been dying to rock.

What do you think are some ways to style a turtleneck? Tell us in the comments!

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