living room styling ideas

living room styling ideas

Is your living room in need of some love?  Is it looking a bit tired?  Or perhaps your living room is finished but it’s in need of something more to add personality and style.  Either way, spring is a great time to give your space a refresh.  It doesn’t have to be some major renovation that costs a packet.  It also doesn’t have to be a big time consuming project that never gets done.

Adding some instant style to your existing living room can be done quickly and easily with the odd diy, a purchase or two and some simple de-cluttering.  If you want to quickly transform your living room in to a haven that is cosy, comfortable and stylish, these ideas are for you.

7 tips to instantly create a stylish living room

1. De-clutter
This is the first thing that will make the biggest difference. Your living room is probably one of the most used rooms in your home, if not the most used.  So, over time, it’s easy to pile up stuff that doesn’t belong there. And if you have kids, this is even more true.

Your living room should only have what is absolutely needed in there. This doesn’t just mean objects and stuff, but even the furniture in there should be whats needed and used.  Everything else should be kept elsewhere or given away. After removing clutter, everything remaining in the living room should be allocated a home.

Once you have a really ruthless de-clutter, your space will be transformed, even if you don’t do anything else.

ikea hack bookshelf

2. Create a feature bookcase
A bookcase is a great way to create a feature in a living room.  I’m not talking about a bookcase spilling over with books but instead it’s about creating some kind of a display.  Think books and magazines dotted around the shelves interspersed with favourite objects like vases, candle holders, sculptures, photo frames and other display things that you may have. The secret to making it look stylish is to not cram every bit of the bookcase with stuff.  Make sure you leave space empty and allow the bookcase to breathe.

If you don’t already  have a bookcase, this too needn’t be some big, expensive mission. You can get a basic Ikea one and dress it up to work for your home, like in the picture above.  That is an Ikea hack bookcase which has been turned on it’s side and painted.

stylish living room with textures

3. Textures can transform
Adding a range of textures in similar tones will transform your living room in minutes.  Consider a mix of things like linen, wool, seagrass, leather, sheepskin, suede, rattan.

Perhaps you could add a linen throw to your sofa or add a couple of seagrass baskets that not only look great but will help keep things tidy too.  Maybe a sheepskin chair throw or some chunky wool cushions?  Or maybe some leather or suede cushions with some rattan storage.

As long as the tones are similar, any combination of textures will add depth and style to your living room.  This is even more true if you feel you’ve ‘done’ your living room but it just doesn’t quite feel finished for some reason. The textures will make all the difference.

stylish living room design ideas

4. Create a gallery wall
Every stylish living room has a gallery wall. Gallery walls add personality and charm to a space.  There is no right or wrong way to create a gallery wall – simply gather your art if you already have some or buy inexpensive posters and prints and hang them up. You can choose to get frames for your art or you could go frameless and use clips or even washi tape. You could also create a gallery wall where you mix it up with some art on the walls and some on the floor.

The options for creating a gallery wall are endless but no matter how you choose to create one,  they are guaranteed to bring you warmth and style.

stylish living room design ideas

5. Create clusters not clutter
Do you have favourite objects, vases, sculptures, coffee table books and more dotted all over your living room?  Simply creating a cluster of objects in one place rather than dotting them all over the room will reduce the look of clutter.  It’s a clever little trick that doesn’t always mean getting rid of stuff, but just organising and grouping your things so that they look like they belong there.  If you’ve got a feature bookshelf, you could keep all your stuff on there. But if not, a shelf, table or bench will work too.

living room coffee table styling

6. Style the coffee table
Don’t let your coffee table become a dumping ground.  Is it piled high with stuff? First get rid of anything that’s clutter and then take a few minutes to organise the stuff that needs to stay. If you’ve got a few books, pile them up. If you’ve got various objects and pieces, consider putting them all on a tray so they look like they belong together. This easy little tray trick is one that you can use anywhere in your home to make random objects look more organised. Also, you can’t go wrong with a vase or a small plant placed on on a coffee table – it adds a bit of height and greenery always add warmth. (photo via)

stylish living room design ideas

7. Add a throw or two
Every stylish living room I have ever seen has at least one throw, if not more.  This is such a simple, quick and easy way to add some style to your living space.  A casually draped throw over a sofa, chair or bench adds warmth as well as instant style.  And if you’re not particularly crazy about your sofa or a chair, it’s a great way to change the look of the piece. Cushions work really well too.

These are just a few things you can do to transform your living room in to a seriously stylish space.  Even if you pick one or two of them, you will see a difference and the best part is that none of these things take time to do so you will get instant results.

Do you have any tips and tricks to style up your living space?

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