While the laundry room may not be the most exciting space in your home, there’s no denying its functional necessity in a busy household. When done right, having a dedicated space for laundry makes all the difference. For instance, a well-designed laundry room is fantastic for improving efficiency. What’s more, a laundry room with style can even make the chore somewhat enjoyable.


With this in mind, we’re delving into the basics of laundry room design. Keep reading to discover the top seven things to consider for the perfect laundry room.

Laundry Room Design: Pretty pink tiled laundry room with dog sink | NONAGON.style


Where do you plan to have your laundry room? Next to the kitchen is a popular location, as are mud rooms, basements and hallway closets. For maximum utility, consider setting up your laundry room where most of your dirty laundry will collect.

Laundry Room Design: Bright contemporary laundry room with white tiles and wood storage | NONAGON.style

It’s also worth thinking about how a laundry room’s noise level will impact the rest of your home, especially when it comes to smaller abodes. If your laundry room will be close to other hubs of activity, you might want to think about installing vibration pads to dampen the sound of the machine.

Appliance Selection

The basis of your laundry room design should center upon your appliances. As such, appliance selection is one of the earliest considerations you need to take into account.

Will you be opting for a front or top loading machine? While top loaders can be more compact, remember that front loading machines can be stacked. It’s also worth noting that with front loaders, their tops can be used as an additional work surface or storage space.


It goes without saying that the perfect laundry room needs to be durable. And this is magnified tenfold when pets are involved. But what measures can you take to ensure your space stands the test of time?

Laundry Room Design: Beautiful blue laundry room with chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper and tiled pet bath | NONAGON.style

Here, flooring choice is key. First and foremost, your floor needs to be waterproof. From accidental splashes to the occasional appliance leak, your laundry room floor is a prime target for water damage. As such, ceramic and stone are our top material choices. If muddy paw prints or dirty boots are a concern, we’d recommend opting for a darker hued floor, or larger tiles with less grouting.


Laundry rooms are the ideal breeding ground for clutter. However, with the right storage solution, you can stop mess in its tracks once and for all.

When it comes to storage, think beyond the traditional cabinet. Open shelves, pegboards and wall-mounted baskets are great alternatives. And pretty rattan hampers are ideal for hiding your piles of dirty clothes. As laundry rooms are often small in size, it’s important to make the most of every square inch you have. Consider adding storage beneath your washing appliances (storage pedestals), or attaching baskets to the back of your door.

Functional Add-Ons

In addition to storage, you’ll need to consider which functional add-ons you want to incorporate into your space.

Laundry Room Design: Bright rustic laundry room with in-built drying rack and blue cabinets | NONAGON.style

From fold-away ironing boards to collapsible drying racks and a hanging rail for freshly washed items, there’s a whole world of laundry gadgets to explore. In most cases, it’s perhaps unfeasible to include all of these extras. As such, you’ll want to start by thinking about how you intend to use the space, before picking and choosing the features which will best suit your lifestyle.

Electrical Outlets

The perfect laundry room should be functional to a T. In our books, this equates to lots of accessible electrical outlets.

With fitted units taking up the bulk of wall space, the adequate addition of electrical outlets can be easily forgotten. For good measure, we’d recommend to have at least two – three available (not inclusive of the plug sockets used for your machine appliances). You’ll thank us when it comes time for ironing, steaming or vacuuming!


Last but not least, don’t forget to consider the overall style of your laundry room. A cohesive aesthetic can do wonders to streamline the visual and ensure a chic and tidy space, regardless of size.

Contrary to popular belief, laundry rooms are a hotbed for design potential. Decorative tiles, bold statement wallpaper and colorful cabinets are just some of the gems we’ve uncovered in laundry room design. As styles go, a plethora of rustic farmhouse rooms crowd the Pinterest space, confirming its undying popularity. That being said, as the laundry room is typically a smaller, less ‘seen’ space in the house, we see it as the perfect blank canvas in which to be a little braver in your design choices.

Do you have a laundry room? What do you wish you had known before designing it?


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