7 Steps to the Most Personalized Feast

  1. Fill up your table with seasonal florals and fruits.
    The best way to make use of the fruits of the season is by displaying them on your table. We recommend using either calming colors or pops of bright reds and pinks, depending on your dinnerware: Muted colors enhance the bright contrasts, while colorful dishes are emphasized by paler centerpieces.
  2. Create a custom cocktail for personalization.
    Take a traditional drink and give it a seasonal twist by adding in some fresh apples, a dash of ginger, or tart cherries for a festive addition will give it a unique flavor.
  1. Teacups can double as bud vases.
    Make your florals the center of attention by placing them in teacups around the table. Each guest will be greeted by a tiny touch of the main event in front of his or her place setting, while the centerpiece completes the look.
  2. Palette cleanser doubles as placard.
    Traditional placards are lovely, but take it a step further by hand writing each guest’s name and attaching the placards to the palette cleanser. It adds a casual feel while still being formal enough for a dinner party.
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Boho chic, minimalist, traditional—there are so many ways to style a dining table, but no matter what style you choose, take time to make it personal so your guests feel like the table was set especially for them. Details like monograms, unique name cards, and delicate florals can make an entire tablescape feel both unexpected and one-of-a-kind. Here, we show you exactly how to create a thoughtful tabletop for your next dinner party, using personalized pieces from Lenox


  1. Use monogram dinnerware as the hero.
    Monogram is trending, so embrace the style with stylish fonts in a multitude of fun colors, with subtle designs around each letter. Keep the hues in the same color family so that the setting feels put-together, not busy and out of place.
  2. Mix in different shapes
    that play well together.
    Cups, saucers, bowls, and plates can all combine together to create a tablescape that flows—as long as you do it right. We like to mix similar styles in various shapes and sizes to give a modern edge to a formal setting.
  3. Unexpected ways to use dinnerware.
    Who says plates are just for food? Place your dinnerware on top of one another, and use them as centerpieces by playing with different stacking patterns. Add in pieces of decor on out-there plates and bowls for a pop of contrast.


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