This fall, have a relaxing lunch or dinner in the perfect Scandinavian dining space. The neutral shades bring a nostalgic and calm vibe to your home this season and the creativity of this style keeps you motivated at work. Here are seven dreamy ideas for you:

1. Lazy afternoon

Decorate a neutral Scandinavian dining space with a lot of beautiful flowers that will give a fresh and festive vibe to the whole space. Also, for a more artistic vibe add abstract paintings all around the room.

2. Botanic look

Mix and match new and old furniture for a chic dining space where an elegant color such as blue will stand out. Add also painting with a botanical theme and a lot of beautiful fall flowers in neutral vases. For a romantic diner, don’t forget dreamy golden candlesticks and minimal candles.

3. Brown details

Make a neutral dining room really cozy by adding furry covers on the chairs. Match them with ethno themed framed pictures, green plants and minimal lamps that hang out from the ceiling.

4. Retro details

Make a Scandinavian dining space really special by choosing retro inspired wallpaper. Make everything more retro and artistic by choosing tiny fruit trees and gorgeous framed pictures in black and white.

5. Parisian chic mood

Choose an all white space for your perfect Parisian inspired dining room and just a little bit of black in the space. Get inspired by the French bistro and mix and match the Scandi style with the lovely chic details such as designer chairs, pictures with quotes and artsy mugs.

6. Calm day

Make a dining room really stand out by adding artsy painting around the space. Also, give structure to the space by adding printed black and white curtains. Don’t forget to decorate the whole space with green plants and retro items.

7. Artsy view

Pick the same chair for your dining space and paint in different neutral or pastel shades. Choose a retro lamp for this room and add also an original inspirational board filled with pictures of you and your friends and a lot of memories.

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