There are a lot of dreamy ideas when you’re looking for a masculine bathroom that give you the vibe you want in your home. From modern, to a minimal design and a refined touch, here are our top seven masculine bathrooms that will inspire you:

1. The black steel

Bring pieces made from black steel for your manly bathroom and combine them with dreamy neutrals. You can pick a bathtub in a modern design, wooden and raffia storage solutions and just enjoy your fancy bathroom.

2. Cool storage

Find cool and modern storage solutions for your bathroom like a chic staircase that can hold magazines or towels and some wooden shelves under your sink. Pair them with mirrors that increase the illusion of space and of course, other neutral and minimal deco items.

3. Print details

Add concrete details in a masculine bathroom, they will look very chic and refined. Also, to give a happy vibe in a space that can seem cold because of the concrete, add cute printed rugs in cool colors such as blue and some cute small green plants.

4. Farmhouse vibe

You can also make a farmhouse bathroom pretty masculine using framed abstract pictures with black frames, small green trees in minimal jars, wooden details with an unfinished look and oversized raffia baskets for storage purposes.

5. Elegance in blue

Mix elegant white marble with dark blue cabinets for a beautiful, manly and elegant contrast for your bathroom. You can also add green plants, golden accents and minimal taps and sinks to make this refined manly look complete.

6. Spa experience

Make your masculine bathroom your own Spa by adding a comfortable and modern bathtub, cool unfinished wood details and a small chair made out of a small clog. Add also a wooden staircase for towels, some neutral navy or inspired framed pictures, dreamy green plants and a lot of towels.

7. Western look

Some cool antlers can instantly make a space pretty masculine and you can pick them also for your bathroom. Just add them on top of a minimal bathroom and pair them with cool printed towels and some stylish tree branches.

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