When it comes to fashion, September is traditionally seen as the time for ‘newness’, however for me January will always be the moment when I want a reset. I’m far more likely to do a wardrobe reshuffle than to step into a gym or drink anything green and slimy. As well as mastering the art of Marie Kondo folding, it’s also a time when I have little plans and crave new styling tips and outfits. Despite my pledge to spend less time on Instagram, inevitably have started 2020 off with a whole lot of scrolling. There are seven outfits in particular that have caught my eye this year already on my Instagram travels, and that I plan on copying in their entirety this year. 

There’s the camel tonal outfit that has a real back-to-school feeling, a leather trousers and jumper look that I have already successfully copied seven days into January and a new spin on jeans and a T-shirt. The outfits all have one thing in common—simplicity. Apart from one tie-dye top, these spring 2020 looks are all relatively classic and centre around elevated basics, rather than anything too shouty or fad trend items. Keep scrolling to see the 7 outfits I have already saved to copy in 2020. 

Next up, the key tends for spring summer 2020. 


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