Lips are considered one of the most notable and attractive features of a woman’s face and many believe that having sexy lips can add a lot of points to your looks. The fact is that many men tend to check out a woman’s lips more often than they do other features on their face. Plus, you have to accept that lips can be very expressive and the way we move our mouth can convey a lot even without words or the way your eyes move. In this article, we will look at miraculous tips to make your lips look sexy. It would make sense to know about these tips before you go about and discover what you mean by oxblood lipstick. You can also read about here are the different types of lips that are considered most attractive to know what we mean by making your lips luscious and attractive.

Once you have mastered the miraculous tips to make your lips look sexy, then you can also look at other tips. For instance, you may want your lipstick to last longer and this can be learned too. But let us start with the basics first and then move on to other steps.

7 Miraculous Tips To Make Your Lips Look Sexy

Brush away dry flakes: If your lips are dry and the skin of your lips flake, then it is likely to make your lips look dull and unattractive. You can either use a toothbrush to brush off the dry flakes or apply a mix of olive oil, sugar and lemon juice to remove the dry flakes from your lips.

Use concealor smartly to make your lips look luscious: Applying concealor on lips over the line of the lips will ensure that the color of the lipstick stays true and look more attractive. It can also make your lips look larger.

Apply lip gloss in the center of your lips: Use clear gloss or a lip gloss that is close to the color of your lipstick in the middle of the upper and lower lip to help your lips look shinier and fuller.

Draw the lips bigger: Apply the lip liner slightly outside the outline of your lips if you want them to look fuller and then fill in which lipstick. This will increase the size of your pout and make your lips look sexier.

Stay away from darker shades of lipstick: If your aim is to make your lips look plumper, then stay away from dark shades as tend to make your lips look narrower. Pinkish nude shades are not only in trendy but also make the lips look lusher.

Mix up two nude colors: Apply a lighter nude shade of lipstick to the middle of the lip (upper or lower) that is thinner. Then subtly cover with the lipstick to make the center portion look fuller. It is like an optical illusion to make lips look sexier.

Outline the outside of your lips with concealor post lipstick: Once you are done carefully applying lipstick, you can take a thin stick or brush and dip in concealor to apply some concealor around the lines of your lips. This will make sure that your lips are in highlighted and look even more luscious than they are.

These are simple tricks that work on making your lips look sexy but we also feel that to ensure that your lips look their best at all times, you will need to eat right and ensure that you have a good cleansing and care routine in place. It is with the combination of good care and cosmetics can you pull of this sexy and luscious lips look.

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