With Cinco de Mayo just a few days away, we are re-posting our very popular article about how to throw a Cinco de Mayo-themed Bachelorette Fiesta.

For many people, celebrating Cinco de Mayo means partying with some tasty Mexican food, washed down with a fine Mexican beer or some tequila or margaritas.

Contrary to popular belief, Cinco de Mayo, which means the Fifth of May in Spanish, is not Mexico’s independence day, which is celebrated on September 16. Instead, Cinco de Mayo commemorates the Mexican army’s victory over the French forces of Napoleon III on May 5, 1862, at the Battle of Puebla.

As a once in a lifetime event, you want your bachelorette party to be a unique and unforgettable celebration.

With so many new and interesting bachelorette party trends and bachelorette party ideas, your bachelorette party doesn’t have to be the traditional bar crawl or penis party.

So, for an interesting bachelorette party option, with May 5 approaching, here is how to throw a Cinco de Mayo-themed bachelorette fiesta, from Bridal Guide: 

Nothing says “Fiesta Time” quite like Cinco de Mayo. So if you and the girls are looking to throw a true party for the bride-to-be, there’s no better theme. Here’s everything you need to pull off a fabulous event.

1. Send Out Fiesta-Inspired Invitations

Let your guests know the theme in advance so that they can plan accordingly. A fun invitation helps to get everyone excited for the event.


Photo Credit: Etsy

2. Decorate With A Vibrant Color Scheme

Set the party mood with brightly colored flowers, balloons, and streamers. Think vibrant pinks, oranges and yellows for your decorating pallete.


Photo Credit: Eat Drink Pretty


Photo Credit: Eat Drink Pretty

3. Prepare Strawberry Margarita Jell-O Shots

Get creative and try out this fun spin on the traditional margarita. It’s a tasty way to get the celebration started!


Photo Credit: That’s So Michelle

4. Indulge In Margarita Cupcakes

When it comes to Cinco de Mayo, everyone thinks of margaritas. Turn this classic Mexican cocktail into tasty cupcakes.


Photo Credit: Created by Diane

5. Sip From Mustache Straws

A Cinco de Mayo-themed bachelorette bash is the perfect occasion to use the trendy mustache straws. Just remember to snap lots of fun pictures!


Photo Credit: Etsy

6. Break A Piñata

Celebrate love with this heart shaped piñata. Fill it up with the bride’s favorite candies, and let everyone have a go at it!


Photo Credit: Etsy

7. Sport Festive Sombreros

When your group hits the bars, be sure to make a statement. Sombreros will certainly do the trick!


Photo Credit: Jordan Weiland Photography on Every Last Detail via Lover.ly

—Joanne Barken

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