When you get a headache, the easiest thing to do is take some pills and just wait for it to kick in. I’m no doctor, but popping pills so frequently can’t possibly be great, especially when they’re not helping fix the problem long term. There is a natural and delicious way to deal with headaches people, and that’s with food. So let’s get to know the foods that help with headaches and how. 

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1. Watermelon


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With the beginning of summer, comes the beginning of watermelon season. Sometimes headaches come due to lack of hydration. A nice plate of juicy watermelon should do the trick, and is filled with potassium and magnesium. You can also make yourself a watermelon smoothie.

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2. Bananas 


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Another reason why headaches happen so often is low potassium. Therefore increase your potassium intake by eating some bananas. Bananas are also rich in magnesium which also helps relive headaches. 

3. Yoghurt

Foods That Help with Headaches

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Throbbing pain in your head may also mean that your body needs some calcium. Yoghurt is a food rich in calcium, and will help your brian function efficiently. Do not add any sugars to the yogurt, let the calcium do the trick.

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4. Apples 

Foods That Help with Headaches

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Apples are rich in a chemical compound called flavonoids, and has been proven to lower blood pressure and relive stress. Since stress is one of the main symptoms of a headache, have yourself some apples, or even apple cider, it will soothe your headache and relax you.

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5. Cucumbers

Foods That Help with Headaches

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You may have noticed that your headaches increase in the summer. Why? Well due to the hot weather, our bodies are not as hydrated as they would normally be in the winter. Lack of hydration is the main reason why we get headaches. Cucumbers can help a lot in this case. They are composed of 95% water thus helping with dehydration and fight headaches. 

Tip: Cucumbers also help with thirst, so if you’re fasting it’s a good idea to have them in your diet.

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6. Mushrooms

Foods That Help with Headaches

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Mushrooms and grains both have Vitamin B-2, which is also found in salmon and red meat. This vitamin has been found to possibly decrease the frequency of migraines.

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7. Leafy Greens

Foods That Help with Headaches

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Leafy greens could also help with headaches because they have magnesium and B vitamin folate. According to headaches and migranes are more likely to happen to women with low levels of folate, so make sure you add more kale and spinach to your diet.

Note: Try to find out and avoid any food your body could be intolerant to, and be possibly causing you headaches or making them worse. You can also check to see which foods are known to trigger more headaches. 

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