Make your loft really dreamy and modern by giving it a fancy vibe using colors and neutrals. In this way everything will stand out easier and you will enjoy a both happy and relaxed vibe in your lovely home. Here are seven dreamy scenarios for you:

1. Luxurious vibe

Mix neutrals and colorful prints with metallics, especially golden, for a fancy and stylish mix that’s perfect for a modern loft. For summer, add exotic items by choosing oversized plants, tribal details and vases with beautiful fresh flowers.

2. Artsy dining room

In a neutral dining room filled with fancy furniture pick oversized art with colorful details. Also, you can add color by picking colorful photo albums, candles, flowers and lamps for the space and make everything pretty fancy and artsy for a stylish loft dining room.

3. Retro details

Mix neutral modern furniture and deco items with colorful retro items to give a wonderful contrast to your modern loft. Mix cool neutral chairs with a vintage and very colorful painting or match a new sofa with a bold color with a vintage cabinet or a coffee table in a neutral color palette.

4. The splendid corner

In a neutral corner that stands out with black and white art and a dark color scheme, make everything pop out by adding green oversized plants and colorful cabinets and closets in original and very creative shapes. Also you can mix any kind of colorful and neutral deco items for a fancy scenario, perfect for a modern and extravagant loft.

5. The cool dining space

Make a neutral dining room with cool furniture stand out using very colorful and abstract art. Also, hang a lot of colorful deco items around the space and surround the dining table with colorful fruits and palm trees.

6. Stylish and abstract

If you live in an elegant loft with industrial accents, mix a neutral bed with black, white and grey sheets with a colorful wall. Pick an abstract pattern for the wall and choose a very elegant shade like emerald green or cobalt blue.

7. Fancy day

Make an open space for your living room, dining room and kitchen and mix colors with neutrals to give contrast to the different areas of your modern loft. Mix pastels with neutrals and pick colors for one of the dining room walls, the kitchen cabinets or the living room sofa or coffee table.

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