Who needs that many books when you got a lot of pairs of shoes? You get me, right? Well, it’s time to find space in your bookcase for your favorite accessories and mix and match them with books and other cute deco items. Here are seven dreamy ideas for you:

1. The simple things

Pick minimal shelves for your shoes and accessories and match them with books and magazines. So, add your prettiest pairs of shoes on top of minimal magazines or on top of a fashion albums and you will love the result. Add also plants and gorgeous design items.

2. Glam day

If you have a chic home, pick metallic shelves for your favorite shoes to make them really stand out in a room. Add next to them fashion magazines and books and also deco items in the same shades as the dreamy shoes.

3. Retro mood

Add your favorite shoes next to retro items of your dreamy room if you love a vintage design. Pair your shoes with old books and deco items and make a bookcase full of stories and treasures.

4. Artsy fan

Add a bookcase next to your clothing rack and make a chic dressing where shoes and dreamy books and magazine make the perfect duet. Match your shoes with the books and also with cute small deco items.

5. The stylish way

Make an enchanting bookcase using your most styligh shoes, paiting, framed pictures, albums, books and bags to create a creative mix you won’t get tired of admiring.

6. Color by color

Make a colorful bookcase by matching your accessories, shoes and books all together shelf by shelf. You will love this happy mix and it goes really well with the warm season.

7. Its spring time!

Add your favorite pastel, printed and girly shoes in the front of your bookcase to math them with the lovely spring season. Pair them with colorful books and deco object and of course, fresh flowers.

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