7 Dreamy room dividers that make your home pretty and practical

If you live a in an open space or a tiny studio apartment, room dividers are a great way to create new room, to manage better your space and also to create great storing solutions. So, to help you organizing best your space, here are seven dreamy ideas for you:

1. The cool factor

Pick a very cool bookshelf that serves as a room divider for your living room and hallway. Also, this room divider can be a cool factor for your home, as sopthisticated welcoming scenario. So, decorate it with fancy objects and surround it with neutral furniture.

2. Scandinavian love

Make extra room in your bedroom by picking a divider with a lot of drawers. You will have space for a new room or space in your bedroom, where you can make a dressing area, a make-up corner or a hobby spot and you will also get extra storage thanks to the drawers.

3. The hidden dressing

Separate your dressing from your bed with a thin fake wall made in the same color as your dreamy bed. You will have a perfect hidden dressing and you will love that more, especially if you are a fashion fan.

4. Retro feeling

Separate your bedroom from the living room with a vintage inspired wooden divider. It will look fancy and sophisticated and you will love the retro feeling this room will get.

5. The chic bookcase

All you need in your bedroom is big comfy bed and an inspirational corner you add your essentials, books and dreamy deco items. So divide your hallway from your bedroom by adding a chic bookcase in a neutral color filled with your favorite things.

6. In a minimal way

Divide a cool minimal room using a simple bookshelf, made of wood in a light color and decorate it with book, plants and other deco items. It’s a great storing solution and it also looks pretty good. Also, to create a balance in the room, pick framed pictures with flowers and match them with tiny green plants in jars, added on the divider.

7. Vintage vibe

Pick a mid century inspired divider and paint it in a happy and retro color such as turquoise, orange or red. You can separate your bar from your living room or a reading space from any room you choose. Add also cool vintage themed items around it and you will love the retro look of your home.

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