We all love collecting dreamy items and we love to have impressive collections that we like to look at from fabulous displays. That’s why IKEA created Sammanhang, a lovely collection for people who have a strong personality and love having a gorgeous home with cute deco items around it, that are really perfectly organized:

1. The display coffee table

Choose a minimal coffee table with a great storage solutions that you can see and that looks pretty fancy. Store magazines, precious deco items, memories or anything you wish and cherish.

2. The tiny shelves

This cute display with tiny shelves is perfect to show of your favorite collectibles. It works for precious items or for dreamy items which really make a room prettier than ever.

3. The small display box

Perfect for your rings, earring or small items, this adorable display box will make your tiny cute collection really shine in your bedroom, hallway or in a dreamy corner of your living room.

4. Creative corner

This creative storing solution that looks like a shelf is perfect for storing notes, memories, postcards, magazines and anything that inspires you and looks pretty in your lovely home.

5. The chic trays

This cute storing solution with three plates is perfect for any room of your home, from the kitchen to the bathroom as long as you get creative and display your favorite collections on them.

6. Black minimal display

If you have a modern home, or one that focuses on a minimal style, a black display with a simple design it’s perfect for you. Store photo albums, hardcover books, plants, deco objects and anything you wish to look cute on this dreamy display.

7. The cool white display

Perfect for a feminine bedroom, or a minimal living room, this cool display is perfect to store and organize a lot of items from jewelry, to books, art or anything you have in mind.

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