If you own a small space and you want to make it really practical, think about smart built-ins and make it both beautiful and very useful. Here are seven dreamy ideas that will help you save a lot of space in your lovely home:

1. The wall/vanity

Dressing, mirror, closet, either way you can take advantage of the empty wall you have left and make a beautiful vanity where you can study, do your make-up or read. It will look splendid and you really enjoy it, especially if you decorate it with gorgeous pictures and deco items.


2. The bookcase/cabinet

In the middle of your bedroom cabinet make a small bookcase with your favorite books. The whole display will look wonderful and you will have everything you need in your dreamy bedroom.

3. The bed/nightstand

If you own a minimal bedroom make a nightstand built-in above your dreamy bed. You will save a lot of space and the display will look pretty original and also it will be actually bigger than a regular nightstand.

4. The bookshelf/desk

Insert a desk in a big bookshelf, that way your living room can also be your office or study room. Moreover, you will have all the books and papers you need near you and everything will look pretty natural. Pick the desk and chair in the same color palette and decorate everything with artsy items.

5. Nook/shelf

Make a dreamy and relaxing nook in a corner of you home and have all the books you need around you for a great reading day at home. Add the nook next to a window and enjoy a lovely day at home in your special place decorated with cute pillows.

6. Bed/bookshelf

If you are a big fan of books, pick a huge bookcase and built your bed in it. You whole bedroom will look just amazing and to make it more dreamy, add oversized plants and a lovely bench next to your bed for you to read on.

7. Dining area/bookshelf

Make a dreamy bookshelf/bench in your dining room or kitchen and you will have a very useful and creative space. Surround the bench with cute chairs and fill the bookshelf with paintings, albums deco items, and of course, your favorite books.

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