Girls are a bit more demanding than boys when they need to get an outfit for a theme party. Costumes require personalization, specific accessories and an overall look and feel of the story they want to take part in. However, choices are more various, and creativity has no boundaries. Purchasing a costume might come difficult, as sometimes regular clothing measures are not enough. Girls need to try on their outfit and adjust anything that doesn’t look flawless. You can turn your child’s costume into a DIY project and create the outfit from scratch in less than two hours.

You can make a DIY pirate costume using materials from old clothing that the child doesn’t wear anymore or that are now small but have a meaning. By following the instructions precisely, you will create a costume that looks as if you’ve purchased it from a store. Below you will find 7 ideas for girls to analyze and create.

DIY Girls Pirate Costumes

Little miss pirate costume

This is a homemade pirate costume you can create fast, without spending too much on materials. The blouse is very comfortable and chilly, so the child can wear it even on a warm summer day. The costume contains a vest and a long blouse. You can use any black pants from your child’s wardrobe. Also, the girl can still wear the vest after the theme party, or as part of another costume. The sleeves are easy to make and will look aired, due to the smooth material. This is suitable for little girls and only requires cutting and sewing work.


Jackie Sparrow

Pirates of the Caribbean enthusiasts can enjoy a feminine costume that you can make out of three old T-shirts – red, white and black. You only need cutting and no sewing. The result looks as if you’ve purchased a costume that fits your child perfectly. This costume works best with black leather or regular pants and boots. The white T-shirt needs to be two sizes bigger, while the black one (which becomes the vest) must be smaller. The red t-shirt works for accessories. If you don’t have any, you can purchase them from outlet stores at a cheap price.

Pirate tutu

Imagine a costume that brings a refreshing charm to an old and simple black blouse that your little girl doesn’t wear anymore. It’s easy to style by sewing a skull model on the blouse. The tutu is easy to make, as it is an aired material that the child will enjoy wearing. For an additional pirate effect, accessorize it with a head bandana and an eye-patch. The tutu needs to be in white or a bright color.

Skirt & corset

We present you a costume with a corset above a white old blouse that fits with a tricorn hat. However, think about a long black skirt to match with this idea. The skirt needs to be longer in the back and can contain a belt from a white satin ribbon. This costume mixes the medieval style with the playful message of pirate outfits. You will need cutting and sewing if you must make the skirt from scratch. Yet, the result is astonishing, and the skirt can match other costumes too.

Dalma attitude

Your girl can become a character from a pirate story with this delightful costume. Dressing your child up as Dalma from the Pirates of the Caribbean might look complex, but the costume is easy to make. The skirt includes a double layer with a white satin embroidery that is subtly visible. You can get creative with the top and paint orange and brown stripes or asymmetrical models. The accessories of this costume are a belt, jacket and plenty of necklaces. The girl can also wear a wig, to get more into the story.

Teenage pirate

A teenage girl will adore this costume made of an old dress and a white striped shirt. The corset is included in the dress and can be styled with flowers made of ribbons. These will look delightful if they also hold parts of the material together. A white ribbon in the back of the corset completes the effect. Old baggy pants under the dress provide it with more volume. Meanwhile, a regular string can hold the shirt together under the dress. Feel free to accessorize the dress in any way. However, you will notice that it doesn’t need too many additional elements.

Corset costume

This costume is especially quick if you have a sewing machine. However, you can create it also by sewing the pieces together manually. Your girl will dress in a costume that contains a tricorn hat you can make out of old leather pants, a puffy white shirt she doesn’t wear anymore and a corset made from the same pants. You can also attach the ribbon to the shirt to make it look even more stylish. You cannot re-style this costume to its pirate aspect. However, the corset is comfortable and comprises a complete costume by matching with the hat.

The above costumes only need a few measurements to look as if the store made the outfits, especially for your daughter. Any of these ideas can be used for other costumes. We must advise you that you might enjoy them so much that you’d like to keep them as childhood souvenirs. Choose the most charming costume and unleash your creativity!

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