The kitchen is the heart and soul of a family home. It is where people meet to nourish themselves, share experiences, and celebrate family achievements. The importance of this part of the house so big that open kitchens connecting dining and living spaces have become all the rage.

On average, people in the U.S. spend around $19,000 to renovate their kitchens, with many relying on cutting-edge design to convert their kitchens into so much more than a place of work. If a renovation project is in the works for you, find the inspiration you need in some of these new features.

Concrete Furniture

Concrete furniture in kitchen design

Brilliantly lacquered Silestone surfaces may have dominated kitchen countertop and island designs, but the rise of minimalist design has created a penchant for sturdy matte surfaces. And we are beginning to see concrete not only on furniture but also on walls and flooring.

The calm tone of grey blends beautifully with natural kitchens in white and black. Some kitchens are taking it to the next level, combining concrete workspaces with overhead concrete features joined to concrete steps leading to upper floors. If you opt for this look, sealing is vital to protect furniture from wear and tear.

Sustainable Appliances

Sustainable appliances in kitchen design

Environmentally friendly and chemical-free dishwashers have long been all the rage in commercial kitchens, where the volume of dishes washed and the high temperatures required to make energy efficiency vital. However, they are also holding sway in home kitchens. Many of them are boasting energy certifications that have features such as delayed start (machines start during off-peak hours), soil sensing (the device adjusts the cycle length and water wastage to the dirt level of dishes), and energy saving cycles (which operate for a shorter period of time).

Sustainable fridges, meanwhile, have features such as alarms that sound when the door has been left open for longer than a minute and technology that adjusts frost patterns for maximum efficiency.

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