When thinking about new chic way to redecorate our home we can focus on the easy, clean and super trendy Scandinavian deco look that seems to never fade out of style. So starting this New Year also in a minimal and neutral beautiful way, here are seven tips that we learn from this chic Nordic style:

1. Pick great lightning for your dining area

Use a lot of fix identical lamps to make light and set the mood on your dining room or living room table. You can use this style also around your living space and you will see how stylish it will look and the this lightning system creates.

2. Use practical and neutral items when decorating a place

A simple rule in the Scandinavian style it’s keeping minimal lines, a neutral and calm color palette and of course having in mind that less is more. So, that’s why practical items or pieces of furniture with double utility are the most popular items for this space. Take example a chair used a nightstand – a useful and creative option for your chic bedroom.

3. Keep everything simple and don’t forget to mix & match

When picking your furniture – chairs, bed, tables, keep in mind a simple line and see how different pieces may blend in great with one another. Like for example, don’t pick identical chairs for your dining space or don’t match the table with the chairs. You will instantly get a creative and trendy vibe in your home and you will have more favorite chair types in a room.

4. Divide a big open space in two and make two rooms in one 

If you are living in a studio and you want two rooms, divide the space by using a fake wall or some furniture like a closet or a bookshelf that can easily divide the space. Make matching rooms and enjoy the extra space.

5. Pick a lot of wooden furniture

Wooden furniture is a Scandinavian favorite and it’s because it’s neutral shade, its calm feeling and also warm vibe that this material gives to a space. It’s also both modern and traditional looking – two styles always mixed when creating a Scandi chic space.

6. Mix modern items with traditional ones

Speaking of the modern and traditional blend, try making an eclectic Scandinavian space where you mix & match antiques or loved vintage items with new modern furniture. Think of the lines, the color palette and create an unexpected scenario for your kitchen or living room.

7. Make a great contrast in a room using different shades of a neutral color

Using different shades of grey, pink, blue or brown, create a great contrast in a minimal Scandi living room or bedroom. Pick different shades for your walls, your rugs, your sheets, covers or pillows and see how lovely the space will be defined.

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