Get ready for fall with a bohemian bedroom that gets you in that moody autumn nostalgia. The boho style will also keep the vacation mood wherever you are, so it’s a great look for your bedroom, the perfect space to dream in. So, here are seven gorgeous ideas for you:

1. White and brown

Dream of a boho space in neutral colors and the perfect brown fall shades that give it an elegant and classy touch. Pair it with green plants, golden elements and beautiful boho prints for the sheets and pillow cushions.

2. Almost winter

Pick a neutral color palette for your fall boho bedroom with a lot of white. This will help the room have a very calm vibe and it’s perfect for people that love winter more than fall. Pick a statement framed picture that shows abstract art and add a cozy cover for the bed and a lot of printed pillows.

3. Minimal chic

Make a minimal bedroom really boho by adding a lot of green plants around the space. Pick oversized plants, beautiful ones that hang from the ceiling or tiny plants for your nightstand, that go perfectly with abstract art. Prepare a botanical garden for a fall you won’t forget.

4. Cozy time

Make a white bedroom really cozy by adding knitted covers, a chair that hangs from the ceiling with a furry cover and also the perfect neutral rug. Add also artistic pictures around the room and make your bedroom really special.

5. Nostalgia moments

Make a neutral bedroom by picking a wonderful bed with a floor mattress, or one added on a wooden palette. To give this room a vacation feeling, add exotic plants, cute quotes and pictures that show the sea. You will love this great boho room that will remind you of summer.

6. Boho look

Think of the lovely seventies and add a gorgeous retro vibe in your boho bedroom. Pick green as the main shade and also pair it with a beautiful neutral color scheme.

7. Dreaming of a vacation

Still thinking of vacation? Well, add this great feeling in your fall bedroom by placing a lot of exotic oversized plants, raffia elements, but also a brown neutral color palette that’s autumn themed.

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