A warm and comfortable dining room atmosphere can be created from the design you want to apply, such as a rustic style dining room that is timeless. As interior styles evolve, for some reason the rustic dining room has always been my favorite. It reminds me of the past and I want to share it with my family and present with you.

If you think rustic style sounds out of date, then what if we could mix two different styles? Today I want to try to apply a rustic dining room design but still acceptable to all circles, namely adding a modern touch. Here are 7 beautiful ways to decorate a dining room in our favorite rustic feel!

1. Classic color accent

Color trends change all the time, but neutral color accents like a white background will always be loved. This color goes well with almost any interior style, including rustic dining rooms.


2. Storage unit

One of the things I love most about a rustic dining room is the storage unit. Either in the form of a display cabinet or wall shelf with a classic wood finish.


3. Antique tableware

Tableware is an important factor that cannot be separated from a dining room. In this case you need to mix and match tableware with the rustic feel you want to create.


4. Wall decoration

The rustic touch is not only seen from the furniture, you can also add classic-style wall decorations like this dinner plate decoration. In addition to adding to the vintage impression, this collection of dinner plates will take you back in time.


5. Relive past memories

The best thing you can’t get apart from the rustic dining room is the warm and cozy feeling. It will always bring you and your family closer, and may bring back memories of your past.


6. Modern and traditional combination

When you think this dining room is out of date, why don’t you combine it with a modern touch. Like the lampshade which is the main focus of this dining room.


7. Antique style furniture

Furniture is an essential piece for a rustic dining room design. In addition to tables and chairs, some furniture units such as cabinets and wall shelves will emphasize the décor.


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