Achieving the perfect home décor on a budget can be quite tricky. Professional design stores typically charge good money to create that striking design that produces a sense of peace and calm all around and wows guests. And sometimes it can be stressful when looking for a good deal, particularly when it turns eventually it isn’t what you really want. Thankfully, there are some smart décor ideas you can utilize to make the process easier and cheaper.

Everyone has their own idea of what the perfect indoors and outdoors are, but no one can really go wrong with an eclectic design. Whether you’re the conservative type or you like your style a bit more daring, a mix and match of the right personality and mood-suiting wall colours, furniture hues, and art pieces will do some magic.

For a traditional personality, solid colours work well. But if you’re a crazy, outgoing personality, eclectic   would often mean finding ideas from different sources and producing a rich mix of the modern with the traditional, the antique with the handcrafted. 

Creating the artistic contrast this design produces may seem like an easy thing to do initially, but as you’ll see, it’s really no easy task but worth all the while in the end. But you need to get the basics and dynamics right to achieve that great design; and avoid creating a big mess at the end of the project.

Achieving an eclectic design doesn’t mean you have to lump every décor piece your hand can find together. You must think and act like an art genius, carefully and intelligently matching and contrasting the right features and materials.  So, if you’re a lover of the eclectic look, follow these 7 powerful tips to transform your home on a budget in 2018.

1. Select and match the right wall colours

Many home designers fail at this initial and critical stage. Mix the wrong colours and you’ll have an epic design fail in your hand! Eclectic may mean a montage of colours, but the colours have to blend and synchronize in a way that soothes and awakens the sense at the same time. Finding colours that mix and contrast well is really not difficult. You just have to take note of certain things before deciding on the perfect colour.

The first thing to do is to splash on a natural tone as a background; and next you blend couple of colours to match it. Don’t forget to also include a bright hue in your design, so your home doesn’t come off as dull and cluttered.

2. Purposely and deliberately choose your furniture and art décor pieces

Mixing different colours and designs in your furniture and art pieces always produces an appealing, eclectic effect. And not just colours to achieve contrast and harmony, you can also explore the idea of mixing furniture and art materials from different periods and regions of the world to nail a magnificent look.

Be careful with this though, as mixing too many colours and styles can become chaotic and counterproductive. Maintain consistency and similarity in pattern. Always aim for harmonious contrast, try repeating furniture and colours but don’t go in all at once.

For your pillows, try colourful handcrafted or patterns that mix and match well. Use table pads that blend perfectly with whatever finishing you choose. You can check out Sentry to get the best colours and textures for your table pads.

3. Make sure to get your rug placement right

When placing your rugs, always aim for symmetry and place them in a way that the distance between one section of the rug to the wall is 20cm and the other is 15cm. Don’t forget to also align the rug when there are two sofas.

Rugs function as buffers for chairs, tables and other heavy furniture items placed on the floor. A smart design idea is to use them to decoratively divide up spaces, especially in open planned areas. 

If your rugs are patterned, don’t use furniture items that will contrast with the rugs. Typically, solid-coloured sofas go with patterned rugs.  But if you must use patterned rugs with patterned cushions, then you should also consider the size of the patterns. Make sure the size and design of the pattern of the rugs is bigger than the cushion’s.

4. Use the right lighting size and intensity for each room

The right lighting is at the heart of an eclectic home look. Use a combination of natural and electric lighting with the right placements to create the picture-perfect home. Each room has its own unique lighting, so play it down. As much you try to give your house an eclectic feel, there are certain spots and areas where the lighting should be extra great.

Areas like the stairways and hallways need the best lightning for safety. And if you have kids, keep your lightings as far away from them as possible.

5. Spruce up your kitchen space

This is one of the best rooms to show off your design instincts and skills. You can either make it or ruin it. There’s no middle ground here. So to get the perfect look, you can go bold, bright or charming. A mixture of traditional wooden drawers with modern electric appliances never goes wrong.

Also remember, space is very important in your kitchen. You don’t want to bump into things while cooking. Safety is very key.  Bear in mind also that colours can also contrast in the kitchen. And like the furniture in other rooms, there should be a repetition of certain patterns and colours to even out the room tone.

6. Think about bringing in extra beauty and soul with pretty flowers

This is one essence of beauty that cuts across every home décor. Placing your flowers by the windows allows for growth as they require sunlight and water. Do not forget to water them every day. Also when choosing flower vases, consider the furniture patterns to avoid mismatch. You can also go for artificial flowers if you do not have the time to care for the natural ones.

So, for your eclectic décor, a lot of patterns and designs work. But it is important for you to strive for one thing – balance. This way you send out the beauty message you want to; and not a mess.


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