66 Bright Floral Centerpieces For Spring Weddings

Spring is time when everything is in blossom and it’s an ideal season to fall in love! If your wedding is in spring, you’ll have an amazing atmosphere and you can just add some details to highlight the look. An important piece is a centerpiece on each table, and the best idea for spring is a floral centerpiece because flowers are so much spring-like! Choose flowers according to the colors of your theme and style, according to your taste and add some accessories like feathers, jewelry, ribbon and even fruit if you feel like them and if they fit your wedding style. Look for some ideas below and choose something for your big day!
Bring Bright Colors
If you wanna go bright, all the colors of the rainbow are for you: red, pink, yellow, blue, green, purple and many others depending on what color scheme you are having and what shades you wanna see at the table. Mix them all or go for an exact color scheme – a pink, a red, a purple one, or rock the shades of blue as classic blue is the color of the year. As it’s spring, you may want an ombre effect or…

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