65 The Coolest Nail Art Ideas Of 2020

Here are the best nail design ideas that we covered on Styleohlic during 2020. Don’t miss them because they are really cool and interesting. Btw, here are the coolest nail art ideas from the previous year.

2021 is coming and we need to know some trends to look bold and actual every time. If you like styling your nails in various ways.
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Nail art is trendy, it’s still on but it just became much more subtle and delicate. Here are ideas to rock it.
3 Hot And Cool Nail Art Trends For 2021

Double French tip manicure and micro French manicure were on. Here are ideas to rock them.
15 French Manicure Ideas That Are On In 2020

Here are tips and tricks to self care for your nails.
5 Easy Quarantine Nail Care Tips

Here are some nail trends that were on this year.
15 Trendiest Nails Ideas For 2020

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