Affordable Rugs Area Rugs Rug size largeAffordable Rugs Area Rugs Rug size large

One of the biggest design mistakes we see time and time again when we go into houses (don’t worry we won’t tattle on you – we are here to help) is when the area rug is too small for your room. What does that mean exactly? Well, went into detail in this post, but in short – most living rooms will need a rug that is at least 8×10 with some even needing 9×12 if the room is larger. Your rug is the foundation of your room and your furniture plan so everything should feel grounded by it rather than having it serve as a small accent piece that floats in the middle of the room. It connects all the “design-dots” in your room and brings everything together through one grounding point. Beyond grounding the room the right rug can be the jumping off point for the design and style of the room as well as set the tone for the room.

boys bedroom blue walls neutral vintage

Above the graphic blue, yellow, grey and cream rug in Charlie’s room set the tone for everything else that we brought into the room and also helped the room to feel young and playful. If we would have gone with a more muted rug or something that was a solid, then the room would not have had as much visual life or energy in it. This rug (and your rug) helps set the tone and some of the styling choices that were made in there. Yesterday on the blog we featured my refreshed living room and showcased how drastically different a room could look by just swapping out a few accessories and the rug in the room. And while swapping a few accessories and the rug out sounds relatively easy – finding an affordable rug that still looks good and is large enough for a living room is quite the task. But, today we have you (and your floors) covered and are bringing you 60 of our favorite rugs at under $300, under $450 and under $600. And the best news of all… they all come in a variety of sizes including 9×12 so whether your room needs an 8×10 or a 9×12 we have the rug for you. Let’s get into it.

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Rugs Under 300 01

1. Indigo Modern Lines | 2. Grey Herringbone | 3. Overlapping Striped | 4. Cream Eyelash Shag | 5. Surya Paramount Low Pile | 6. Leather Dressage | 7. Arizona Shag | 8. Maui Chunky Loop | 9. Olga Gray | 10. Bleached Ivory Basket Weave | 11. Mixed Stripes | 12. Indigo Champagne Shag | 13. Java Woven | 14. Light Grey Border | 15. Multicolored Woven | 16. Ivory and Silver Rustic Bohemian | 17. Slate Ikat Woven | 18. Granite Broken Lattice

There are so many above that we love but we used #1 in my Dream Dorm Room, Brady has #10 in his entryway and #13 looks very similar to a vintage rug that my friend Corbett had in her entry area. Next up: Under $450.

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Rugs Under 450

1. Terry Indigo Woven | 2. Black with White Stripe | 3. Diamond Steps Wool Dhurrie | 4. Blue Tufted Wool Faiza | 5. Chunky Knit Wool | 6. Blue Awning Stripe | 7. Marled | 8. Birmingham Black Woven | 9. Sisal Grey | 10. Blue Herringbone Hand Woven | 11. Jubilee Solid Braided | 12. Train Tracks Slate Woven | 13. Kiwa Handwoven Jute | 14. Petra Triangle Wool | 15. Marled Grey | 16. Theo Indigo Woven | 17. Hand Woven Gray | 18. Jute Bauble | 19. Handwoven Triangle Striped | 20. Southwestern Grey and Dark Grey | 21. Sierra Paddle

Lots of winners on this one, that all feel timeless enough to work with a lot of different styles. We used #5 in our Loft Makeover, #8 is a classic stripe that would work well to bring in a graphic monochrome moment into any room, and #1 is something that would hide lots of foot traffic and stains well – which is always a winner for us. Last but not least, under $600.

Emily Henderson Roundup Affordable Rugs Under 6001

1. Stone Tile | 2. Diamond Point | 3. Tanzin Vertical Block Print | 4. Denim Rag Diamond Ivory Woven | 5. Jute Ticking Natural Woven | 6. Sayulita | 7. Tochi Grey | 8. Code Neutral | 9. Hazy Lattice | 10. Souk Wool | 11. Blue Herringbone Hand Woven | 12. Eaton Ivory Geometric | 13. Hand Woven Gray | 14. Catamaran Stripe | 15. Blue Hand Woven | 16. Black Diamond | 17. Off White Braided | 18. Pixel Shag | 19. Lattice Dove Grey | 20. Dynasty | 21. Fair Isle

So which are your favorites out of the roundups and if you have seen any of these in person or have any of them please let us know how they are holding up in the comments below. We recommend all of these for style and price but unfortunately haven’t been able to test them all out in person so we would love any input you have.

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